Dura Nop Entrance Mats: Your Ultimate Solution for Clean and Safe Entrances

Welcome to the Canada Mats, where functionality meets affordability, and durability embraces style. Whether you want to enhance your commercial space, protect your floors, or create a welcoming atmosphere, these mats have covered you.

Innovative Construction for Ultimate Performance

Dura Nop Entrance Mats are meticulously crafted from a blend of synthetic fibers and feature a composite rubber backing, making them a formidable weapon against dirt and moisture. These mats are designed to excel in indoor and outdoor areas with moderate to high foot traffic. The secret to their effectiveness lies in their ability to trap and conceal dirt and moisture while remaining mildew-resistant.

Our friends at the Shia Muslim Community Centre in Richmond, BC, have obtained mats to keep the floors clean and safe for guests. For additional entrance mat suggestions, follow us on Instagram.



Economical and Efficient

One of the standout features of Dura Nop Entrance Mats is their remarkable cost-effectiveness. These mats are an excellent investment for any establishment. The blended synthetic fibers tirelessly safeguard your floors from damage by efficiently collecting dirt and moisture from shoes. The rigid backing and vinyl ramp edging provide stability and prevent unwanted slipping or lifting.



Function Meets Fashion

Dura Nop Entrance Mats are not just functional; they're also visually appealing. Their Berber pattern not only helps conceal dirt but also adds a touch of sophistication to your entrance area. Cleaning is a breeze with these mats; a regular vacuum is all you need to keep them looking their best.

Durable Mat Solution

Made from 100% Polypropylene, Dura Nop Mats are built to last. The nonwoven, needle-punched construction ensures durability, while the premium composite rubber backing guarantees stability and safety. The elegant vinyl ramp edging adds a touch of style to these mats, making them a superior choice for all your entrance needs.



 Versatile Durability for Every Setting

Whether your entrance sees a steady stream of customers, patients, residents, or guests, Dura Nop Entrance Mats are up to the task. These mats are perfect for various settings, including:

  • Commercial entrances and exits
  • Hospitals or clinics
  • Apartments, condominiums, or warehouses
  • Hotels, resorts, or spas

Custom Mats, Tailored to Perfection

At Canada Mats, we understand that one size does not fit all. That's why we specialize in custom-made mats to fit the exact dimensions of your entrance. An ill-fitting mat can mar the appearance of even the most impressive building, but our custom-sized mats ensure a perfect, bespoke look. Plus, since we manufacture them locally, you can expect fast delivery of your customized mats.

Dura Nop Entrance Mats offer a winning combination of affordability, durability, and style. They are the go-to choice for businesses and establishments across North America. Discover more about our range of mats and order your customized solution today!