Are Chairmats a Necessity?

Chair Mats? Hmm… Do we really need them? The answer is yes, as chair mats are often overlooked but are a very important investment to protect your expensive carpeting or flooring. They help increase the life span of the flooring, maintain its beauty and appearance and protect it from various stains and messes. 62% of people eat their lunches at their desks which mean that a lot of food, soda and coffee end up spilling on to the floor. People also wear shoes that can be muddy or murky and the wheels of the chair can also become quite dirty. Chair Mats can help keep the mess and filth away from the flooring and onto the mats themselves. They are very easy to clean, just wipe them up with some cloth, saving hundreds of dollars, due to the fact that you are not having to pay professionals to vacuum and wash your carpets. Chair Mats are also great for alleviating back pain and leg pain as chairs can easily glide around the mat. Without chair mats, people have to repetitively push around the chair with their legs which is capable of causing leg pain and back aches. Thus, with chair mats you can help keep the chairs rolling easily and maintain your employees’ health. Chair Mats are also great at adding a touch of style to any office décor and enhance it by keeping the flooring clean and beautiful. They are available for both types of surfaces – carpeted as well as non-carpeted including tiles, hardwood flooring, linoleum etc. They come in different sizes and shapes to cater to every need and taste. They also come with protective edges to keep people from slipping and tripping. What are your thoughts on investing in chair mats for your home and office?