A Little Unusual, A Little Unique.. These Home Offices!

Home offices need not be mundane and boring work spaces that does absolutely nothing to get your juices running! We agree that setting up and decorating a home office is not quite the easiest thing to do... But with some creativity, with some expression of personality, with a little bit of the unusual, and some more of the unique; you can create a space that rings true for you... that lets you express yourself and very importantly - helps increase your productivity. Now, if you need some help jump-start your creativity... let us help you out with these home office decor ideas that verge on amazing, unusual, (some quite outrageous!) and downright stylish! Happy decorating to you! An Indoor Beach Office! 1401225414-amazing-unusual-home-office-every-entrepreneur-want Source: www.entrepreneur.com That's right! You get to live and work on the beach no matter where your home office is located! This bright idea is from Justin Kemp who wanted to experience sand and workspace combined... The Outdoorsy Cabin Office... Unusual-home-office-designs-53Source: www.entrepreneur.com ... for those who hate being stuck indoors! Or.. for those who do not have enough space in the house for an additional home office! For either groups of people, this cabin office is a win-win! Take the office outside, naturally, with the totally cool office pod for the backyard from design firm Office Pod in the UK. Perfect for one, personalize with your desk set-up, utility hook-ups and all the rest. The office with the World View! world view officec Source: http://www.housebeautiful.com A simple blown up antique world map can change the view of your work space! Add a unique and antique appeal to your home office with this simple design tip! Surprising Color Story.. desk-flamingo_gal Source: www.realsimple.com Perfect idea if you are sharing your workspace. Differentiate the work spaces with bright and fun colors. Stay consistent with furniture but bring in different colors that will reflect your personality! The Great Wall! workspace-green-shelves_gal Source: www.realsimple.com When you’re short on space, a bare wall can be a valuable asset. Consider building up (rather than always extending wide). Simple, easy-to-install floating shelves are a practical way of breaking up a wall painted a bright hue. The Office with a Split Personality! desk-kitchen_gal Source: www.realsimple.com Kitchen on one side; office on the other. A simple architectural detail can divide a space without making it feel out of place. Keeping the color palette consistent and neutral will allow you to bring in all sorts of utilitarian pieces like file cabinets, storage containers, and shelves for organizing items. The Crafty Office Nook... Elegant-home-office-style-1 Source: freshome.com ... for those folks who live in small apartments and need to use all the space necessary. A niche can showcase a mezzanine bed and a compact office space underneath. A vintage wooden box or two can be used to store your magazines and paperwork. The 'Work From Attic' Office Elegant-home-office-style-23 Source: freshome.com Spark your imagination with the attic home office design. Transforming the attic into a working and reading space comes with many benefits. Naturally lit attics offer great views, privacy is never an issue since its quite unlikely the family will bother you up in the attic and there is always enough space for storage and creativity! Decorative Greenery At Work Elegant-home-office-style-27
Source: freshome.com
Let your home office help you go green! Case and point - this pristine space showcasing some decorative greenery. Grow some plants and place them around your work space for pure joy that is stylish and practical!
Have these unique and somewhat unusual design ideas inspired you today? Well, its your home, your working environment, your home office! All you need is a little inspiration to get you going!