4 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment

If you oversee and operate an office, then you know how important it is to set your employees up for success. You’ve already invested in ergonomic chairs and high-speed computers, and you may have even invested in a variety of refreshments that your employees can eat and drink throughout the day.

There are a number of proven ways to increase your office’s productivity, and in today’s entry, we’ll discuss four easy-to-implement ideas that can transform your office into a more fruitful and collaborative environment. 

Improving Your Office Is Easy!

Let the Light In

Did you know that filling your office with natural light is one of the best ways to increase productivity and improve your employees’ well-being? Research consistently shows that natural light helps employees stay focused and productive, with one study reporting that employees who had access to natural light throughout the day remained on-task for 15 percent longer than employees who worked in artificial light for the duration of the day.

Consider investing in new blinds that allow your employees to adjust the amount of light in the office throughout the day, or swapping your dim fluorescent lights for brighter LEDs. You can also encourage your employees to take regular walks around the building throughout the day, and the short breaks might be just what they need to stay energetic and focused until the end of the day.

Consider Your Color Scheme

While you don’t want your office’s interior to clash with your company’s colors, changing up the scenery with intentionally chosen colors is a great way to foster creativity and inspiration. Blue, for instance, tends to stimulate clear thought and focus. Green, on the other hand, tends to promote relaxation and calmness. Do some research into how different colors affect the mind and body, and see if you can find ways to introduce your colors of choice into certain areas.

If you’re going to be redoing the entire office’s color scheme, then why not invest in new office mats to match? We carry a wide variety of office floor mats that can be customized with the colors of your choosing, so take this opportunity to introduce stimulating splashes of color into your office!

Modernize Your Desks

While many offices have not yet swapped their traditional desks for sit-stand desks, it’s becoming more and more clear that providing employees with options is one of the best ways to boost productivity and comfort. Sit-stand desks allow your employees to choose how they work throughout the day, and preliminary studies suggest that standing for short periods of time can actually increase energy levels and boost productivity.

If you’re planning to invest in sit-stand desks for your office, then you should also purchase anti-fatigue mats your employees can use while they work. Standing for long periods of time can be hard on the feet and knees, and you don’t want your employees to get burned out or sore after they raise their desks for the first time. Take a look at our sit-stand mats and keep everyone in the building comfortable!

Create Breakout Areas


Breakout areas are a great way to provide your employees with an opportunity to collaborate with each other or simply take a break from their normal workspace. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut by working at a desk all day every day, and sometimes, simply sitting in a new area can help the mind refocus and recharge. You’ll be shopping for new furniture and decor for the area, so why not invest in custom floor mats that promote creativity and inspiration? If you don’t want to add brightly colored floor mats, then we can also help you create beautiful custom logo mats that could be the perfect addition to your breakout areas.