Heated Laminate Flooring

Our heated electric systems can be used with laminate flooring. Our wide range of products ensures that you have the perfect solution for heating a laminate floor.

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Electric Heating Systems for Laminate

The most used radiant floor heating system for laminate floors is the Foil Heater. However, the best system for your project depends on the size of the room, floor height and many other factors. Need help deciding which system is right for you? Contact us

Foil Heater System

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Underfloor Heating for Laminate Floors

With laminate floors, the key is to ensure thermal conductivity, which is best when using a more dense laminate. The thinner the flooring material, and the higher the density, the shorter the heat-up time and the more responsive the system will be.

Thermal Conductivity of Laminate

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Installation for Laminate Flooring

Installation of underfloor heating is dependent on the type of the system. Foil Heater being a popular system with underfloor heating the installation will include:

• The type of underfloor heating

• Underlay

• Fitting the final floor covering

Underlay Thickness 

It is good to note that everything above the heater, including underlay and final floor finish, needs to be in the limits set in the table below.

If the manufacturer of the laminate flooring states that it must be used in conjunction with an underlay, the underlay must be no more than 3mm – 6mm thick and breathable.

Limits of Heat Transfer

When using the system with laminate flooring, care should be taken to ensure effective performance of the system and we do not recommend installing a floor heater if the limits below are not met. This may hinder the performance of the system and result in the system not working as desired.

Transfer of heat limits

• Tog: 1.5 (Unless otherwise stated)

• RSI: 0.15m² K/W (Unless otherwise stated)

• R-Value (US): No more than 1.42