More Information
Material 100% PVC Vinyl
Face Style Random Looped Pattern
Face Fibre Looped PVC Vinyl
Backing PVC Vinyl
Edging Factory Press/Optional Heavy Duty Vinyl
Application Indoor/Outdoor Areas with Light to Moderate Traffic
Custom Sizes Available
Total Height 10mm (0.3")
Total Weight 0.70 lb/ft²
Roll Length 12.1m (40')

CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting

CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting features a looped PVC vinyl surface that is arranged to trap and hide dirt allowing for quick drainage of moisture. These mats are extremely durable, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor environments with low to moderate traffic.

Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
As low as CA$0.00
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CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting consists of a durable looped vinyl surface that removes, hides as well as traps dirt and moisture which keeps surrounding areas clean and safe. This surface structure combined with a non slip backing also allows water to quickly drain out of the side, making this matting ideal for weather conditions such as snow and rain, as well as wet areas such as boats.

Why CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Mats?

This matting has a slip resistant PVC vinyl backing designed to prevent it from lifting and slipping when used in wet and dry environments. It’s looped surface not only collects debris, but it provides a smooth and comfortable texture under bare feet. Together, its backing and surface make CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting durable. It can withstand tough environments such as heavy rain without damaging or losing functionality as this matting is mildew resistant and quick drying. 

CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting’s surface is tough, but lightweight, so they can be easily moved and adjusted to various settings. This matting’s durability also makes it easy to clean and maintain with a power washer.

Applications & Benefits

  • ▸ Ideal for wet indoor and outdoor entrance areas with light to moderate traffic
  • ▸ Pools
  • ▸ Boats
  • ▸ Drinking Fountains


  • ▸ CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting is non slip and provides extra traction which prevents tripping hazards
  • ▸ PVC vinyl is non staining and protects underneath floors from possible damage
  • ▸ This matting is chemical and oil resistant
  • ▸ This matting is mold and mildew resistant
  • ▸ Features an open loop construction, allowing for easy drainage
  • ▸ They are easy to clean with power washing
  • ▸ To feature your logo on this matting, see our CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Logo Mats here
  • ▸ Rolls are available in a 0.9m ( 3' ) or 1.2m ( 4' ) widths
  • ▸ Regular lead time is 1-2 weeks. Please contact us for rush orders (shipped within 1-2 days)

Edging Options

CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting is available with two kinds of edging. All mats come with a heat pressed factory edge, which is an extension of the PVC backing material. However, this matting is also available with an optional beveled vinyl edging which is thicker and heavier. 

Custom Sizes

This durable looped matting is constructed with a PVC vinyl backing which allows us to cut the mats to the exact size that you need. Custom sized mats can be ordered online in linear feet as shown above. Or you can contact us at with your requirements.