Winter Safety Tip - Heated Mats At The Workplace!

Happy New Year all you good people! At the Canada Mats blog, we’ve been known to repeat ourselves! And this post today is no different... as we have said many times over – Its winter and you’ve got to stay safe! If you are a business, the safety and well being of your employees and customers during winter must always be top priority. Follow essential safety tips and/or invest in high quality heated mats to avoid being injured in a slip and fall accident. At Canada Mats, we carry a range of Heated Mats, from heated doormats, heated walkway mats and heated stair mats. Heated snow melting mats are an efficient and convenient way to prevent snow and ice accumulation around small business properties, industrial facilities or commercial environments. Check out our range of Industrial Heated Mats that will make this slippery season that much safer and accident free! Industrial Heated Doormats Heavy Duty HotBlocks Industrial Heated Doormats Heavy Duty Industrial Heated Doormats Protect yourself from accidents by using Heavy Duty HotBlocks Industrial Heated Doormats. This heated doormat is a UV protected anti-slip heated rubber doormat made from moulded rubber. It is an electric heating system designed to melt the snow and ice that build up at your doorstep. Switch on the heated doormat and it will melt up to 2" of snow per hour. At this fast rate you can be sure of a snow and ice free doorway even in the harshest cold weather all winter long. Invest in this Heavy Duty Heated Industrial Doormat and find yourself worry free, completely eliminating the risk of accidents and injuries caused by slipping on ice and snow. HotFlake Heavy Duty Snow Melting Doormat Heavy Duty Snow Melting Doormat HotFlake Heavy Duty Heated Doormat, built from 100% non-slip molded virgin rubber keeps you and your loved ones are safe from accidents that happen right outside your door. A beautiful patented snow flake design, enhances the visual and aesthetic appeal of your entrance and also guarantees higher traction preventing further slipping. The ice melting doormat melts snow at the rate of 2" of snow per hour preventing snow and ice accumulation outside the door. If the heated doormat is plugged in right before snow fall, snowflakes will evaporate right upon contact. This Heavy Duty Heated Doormat is an exclusive Canadian product offering high quality and durability and has passed Canadian stringent standards for safety. They have also been approved by TÜV Rheinland for North America. Industrial Heated Stair Mats Heattrak Industrial Heated Stairway Mats Heattrak Industrial Heated Stairway Mats The Heattrak Industrial Heated Stair Mats are electrically heated mats designed to prevent snow and ice accumulation on stairs. The mats plug into any standard 120V or 240V outlet generating heat to melt snow at a rate of 2" per hour. They are built with non-slip, reinforced natural rubber and are designed to be left outside for the entire winter season. The mats come with grommet holes in every corner (and every three feet of length depending on the size) to help secure them in place. The Heattrak Ice Melting Stair Mats do not require any expensive installation and are portable. Strong, durable and water-proof, these heated stair mats are designed to withstand the harsh long cold winter. HotBlocks Heavy Duty Industrial Heated Stairway Mats Heavy Duty Industrial Heated Stairway Mats The UV Protected anti-slip rubber heated stair mats keeps your stairs clear of snow and ice all winter long! Once the HotBlocks Heated Stairway Mats are placed and connected on the stairs, they will eliminate snow and ice accumulation, all winter long. This invaluable Canadian-designed product melts snow and ice on contact; up to 2 inches of snow per hour! Made out of SBR rubber, the heated stair mats provides excellent abrasion resistance and is perfect for high traffic areas. The HotBlocks Heavy Duty Industrial Heated Mats are made of top-quality, 100% virgin SBR rubber. They are waterproof with great anti-slip traction, no matter how bad the weather condition. Keep your heated stair mat outside all winter long as they are very durable. HotFlake Heavy Duty Snow Melting Stair Mat Heavy Duty Snow Melting Stair Mat HotFlake Industrial Heated Stair Mats are built with non-slip, 100% molded virgin rubber which meet the stringent Canadian standards of safety and high quality. This heavy duty snow melting stair threads offers great protection against water infiltration and is of the highest quality in the market compared to other heated mats. These heated stair mats screw together instead of push plug which ensures further safety from water infiltration. These Industrial Ice Melting Stair Mats will melt snow upon contact at the rate of 2 inches per snow preventing snow build up. If plugged in before snowfall, there will be no snow or ice accumulate as snowflakes will melt upon contact. Industrial Heated Walkway Mats Heattrak Industrial Heated Walkway Mats Heated Walkway Mats Industrial The Heattrak Heated Walkway Mat is made of an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber, and is as durable and strong as automobile tires that let it endure the harshness of cold winter. This Heattrak Snow Melting Walkway Mat can be used over existing entrance-ways, stairs, loading docks, handicap ramps, rooftops, and many other surfaces and offers a safe passage for wheelchairs access and people. It keeps surfaces clear of snow, ice and hence prevents from slipping and falling right outside entrances and helps people stay safe without salting and shoveling. HotBlocks Heavy Duty Industrial Heated Walkway Mats HotBlocks Heavy Duty Industrial Heated Walkway Mats These heavy duty heated outdoor mats are designed to keep your walkways, driveways, handicapped ramps and alleys safe and secure in harsh snow and winter keeping it safe. Made out of UV protected SBR moulded rubber, these industrial snow melting mats are ideal for high traffic areas and slippery dangerous areas. Durable, anti-slip and waterproof with distinctive two level raised blocks pattern design for efficiently decreasing accidents caused by slipping hazards. Industrial heated snow melting walkway mats offer an aesthetic appeal as well as a heavy duty functionality. This Industrial HotBlocks Heated Walkway Mat melts snow immediately on contact and is designed to be kept outdoors. Place the Heavy Duty Heated Industrial Walkway Mats at neglected areas like blocked fire exits, icy steps and walkways, and other un-accessible areas that create a hazard in snow and build up during heavy snow. HotFlake Heavy Duty Snow Melting Walkway MatHotFlake Heavy Duty Snow Melting Walkway Mat HotFlake Heavy Duty Snow Melting Walkway Mat is constructed out of 100% non-slip moulded rubber for high performance, durability and functionality. A beautiful raised snow flake pattern ensures further safety from accidents caused due to slipping and falling. Enjoy winter without any fear of slipping and falling due to accumulated snow or ice. The HotFlake Industrial Heated Walkway Mat is stronger and more durable than any other heated mat. These mats screw together instead of push plug which guarantees protection against water infiltration. The ice melting heated walkway mat is designed to melt snow at the rate of 2 inches of snow per hour. If you plug this heated outdoor mat prior to snowfall, there will be no snow or ice accumulation as this mat will melt snow on contact. The ice melting walkway mat can be used anywhere like on Wheelchair Ramps, on driveways (Yes, the heated walkway mat is durable enough to withstand the heavy load of cars), getting access to outdoor pools, spas, saunas or BBQ. Hop on over to Canada Mats Heated Mats page for more information and instructions for these Industrial Heated Mats.Now, we understand that – as is common with buying new products – there are lots of questions (especially about a unique product like heated mats!). Check out these two blog posts created just for situations like these and to answer any questions you have: Have a safe winter!