Why Does Your Baby Need a Play Mat?

Your baby needs a play mat! But, are you undecided? Are you plagued with important questions like - Will the play mat be one of those buys, that gets used once or twice before collecting dust in the back of the closet? Will it really be worth the investment to get a “pricey” play mat for your baby? Will my baby even like the play mat I buy? Do not worry, you are not alone in your worries. We at Canada Mats think... no, we are confident that buying a play mat will be the best decision you ever make! And, we are not alone in this belief! Millions of mother's around the world have bought and have realized just how great it is to have a play mat available for your baby's! Babies need playtime, mental and physical stimulation to help develop growing bodies and expanding brains. Play mats make excellent educational toys that can be enjoyed by a baby of any age. These play mats are superb when it comes to entertaining babies, giving them sensory experiences at the same time. If you are still not sold on the idea let's talk a bit more of what these play mats are capable off! Let's have a look at play mat benefits that serve as reason why we believe that play mats are among the best toys you can buy for your baby.
  1. Safety: The best of baby products have been tested significantly for safety. Most play mats are made with tiny babies in mind, making them a good baby toy for infants. At Canada Mats, we take safety very seriously. We are invested in research and quality and our play mats are manufactured using top of the line eco-technology with non-toxic, high quality materials with numerous certifications to back our claims.
  2. Safe & Hygienic Play Area: Babies are born explorers, examining the world around them and making huge discoveries. You want to encourage this behavior, but keep them safe while they do it. A baby play mat gives them a safe space to make their big discoveries and explore safely. Your baby's are in safe hands with play mats from Canada Mats! The non-slip surface of the playmats helps reduce minor falls and bumps. The superior padded construction of the Dwinguler play mats cushions tender knees, heads and wrists against serious injury in case of a fall. The play mats have a padded body that absorbs shocks as well as sounds, keeping the atmosphere quiet and serene. Our play mats have a soft surface and superior cushioning that help insulate against cold hard and tiled floors. They keep tiny feet comfortable as they walk and play. Waterproof and easy to clean, our play mats keep your baby healthy and protected from germs, bugs and bacteria.
  3. Portability: Play mats are great for use anywhere, at home, while visiting or traveling with baby! At Canada Mats, our play mats are portable and can be easily rolled up for easy use in nurseries, bedrooms, living room, playroom, picnics, playgrounds, parks, gyms, beaches or any other public place where you need a clean and safe place for kids to play. Going to grandma's house and don't want your little one getting sick on her lovely carpet? Put down the play mat. Visiting a friend with less-than-spotless floors - grab the play mat. Give your baby his/her tummy time while traveling – right on the floor of the hotel room without wondering who (or what) was there before you!
  4. Learning & Sensory Stimulation: Play mats are great learning tools and ideal for providing the right sensory stimulation a growing baby needs. All our play mats are double-sided and designed with bright colors, stimulating and vibrant patterns meant to stimulate body and brain development while inspiring a child's imagination, creativity and curiosity. Colorful, stylish and educational, our play mats introduces children to alphabets, characters and numbers, lets them identify animals and objects, or tells stories using colorful illustrations. Our Music Parade Sound Sensory Playmat aims to encourage all-round development in children by engaging their senses. Fascinating and interactive, Dwinguler Music Parade uses sound to stimulate brain development in children aged 12 months and above. This exciting play mat features animal sounds, animal and item name, and five classic music selections. On the reverse side, the mat doubles up as a great tool for children to learn the alphabet and in developing their capability of understanding objects and words.
  5. Use Again & Again: It can be used for many children. This isn't a product that wears out after one child. A high quality play mat like ours will last through several children, looking as good as new. Waterproof and easy to clean and maintain just keeps these play mats going on for long. This is a baby product you use once, twice and thrice... again and again - lasting you for years to come!
So now, what are you waiting for? Check out our amazing play mat designs like: Dinoland, Fairy Tale Land, My Town, Zoo, and many more. Come on over to Canada Mats, get your favorite play mat, we’ll send it to you right away, and you and your baby can simply enjoy your gorgeous new mat!