Why a Chair Mat Is Necessary for Your Office

You spend a lot of time in your chair whether you work at a desk in an office building or your house serves as your workplace. And that chair stays on your carpet or floor the entire time. Your flooring will quickly show the affects of your time in your chair if it is not protected, with scratches, scuffs, tears, or other damage that could be very expensive to repair or replace. Running an office with dozens or hundreds of desks and chairs can rapidly become very expensive.

For this reason, chair mats are essential in every office. Chair padding shields hardwood and carpet from harm. The chair mats we provide at Canada Mats are transparent, so they won't obscure the appearance of the exquisite flooring they are intended to safeguard.

Chair mats can improve employee comfort and productivity in addition to protecting your office's interior. Chair mats allow a person seated in the chair to move effortlessly from task to task by reducing friction on a rough surface, such as carpet. Lack of a chair pad on a bumpy floor is a surefire way to give your employee a backache and cause them ongoing annoyance as they struggle to slide the chair against the resistance.

How To Select The Correct Chair Mat

The sort of flooring that the chair will be rolling around on is the first item to take into account when thinking about chair mats. The two primary types of flooring that chair mats are designed for are carpeted and non-carpeted. They also come in a variety of sizes to fit workstations of varied sizes, some of which may need additional area for movement.

Our Everlife Chairmat High Pile are made from the highest quality plastic, which securely holds the mat in place without damaging the carpet. Guaranteed not to crack or curl from normal wear and tear, our carpet chair mats come in a wide range of sizes. Out Everlife Chairmat Hardwood  and other non-carpeted surfaces lay flat and feature a smooth backing made to stay put and stand firm on all hard surface floors.

The mat will protect your flooring from scratches and long-term wear and tear from your chair’s casters. These clear, high-quality desk chairmats are perfect for all hard surface flooring, including hardwood, vinyl, tile, marble, and terrazzo.