We Love Happy Customers

At Canada Mats, we have over 20 years of experience in the floor matting industry, and extensive knowledge with which we strive to help you find the ideal solution for your matting needs. Whatever you are looking for - whether it is a retail store mat, office building mat, industrial mat, home doormat, or a custom logo mat; you can be sure to always find a high quality product in our extensive collection.

It is our goal to ensure that you get a mat that is the best in terms of quality, is what you absolutely needed and asked for, reaches you in time and within your budget. Most importantly - we strive to make you happy! Happy not just with how well the mat turned out but with your overall shopping experience with us! We understand that knowledgeable and friendly customer service that helps customers with the right answers and advice makes a world of a difference too. So ofcourse when you, our happy customers, leave us positive feedback and high praise for our products - we rejoice!

Happy customers make us very happy and that just makes us want to spread the love. Here are some amazing reviews we have received for our hard-working products.

Digi Print Logo Mats

"Woo! My @canada_mats came in ! Looks amazing and I am super excited to he able to show it off at my future events".

Brake Images chose to shop the Digi Print Logo Mats from Canada Mats to display their intricate and well designed company logo. With its state of the art digital printing, Digi Print Logo Mats display designs in sharp, clear details and is perfect for intricate and detailed logo's as you can see.

Waterhog Mats

"We love our mats. We bought for our front and back entries because we have a puppy. She tracks in with wet paws and our wet footwear adds to the mess. These mats contain everything and are so easy to clean up. I love that you offer colors other than black. We bought these on aquamarine for both entries. Happy! Happy!"

Our Waterhog Mats are made from durable premium polypropylene and has superior moisture retention. It's reinforced cube design offers superior scraping abilities. This entrance mat can be used for both indoors and outdoors. And, it comes in some really gorgeous colours. The aquamarine colour is simply lovely! Check it out on the Canada Mats website.

Printed Coco Doormats/Personalized Coco Doormats

"I love my door mat. His name is Mat. It makes me giggle every time I come home. My guests enjoy him too. Canada Mats was really enjoyable dealing with. I emailed a question. They got back right away. They asked me to call, took my order on the phone and delivered the mat. Everything worked out great! Thank you Canada Mats"
β€œThey look great, thank you!”

Canada Mats offer a wide selection of home decorative doormats, which includes printed coco/coir mats that are fun, funny, sometimes rude and always gorgeous doormats. Check out the range of these lovelies at canadamats.ca. These printed coir doormats can also be customized/personalized in any way you would like (like how the Krahns chose to do with their doormat)

Eco Berber Inlaid Logo Mat

"The mats look awesome! - Michael Sutch".

Canada Mats Eco Berber Inlaid Logo Mat in its full glory at Alexis Park Elementary! Eco Berber Mats are perfect for large entrance installations where other mats just aren't big enough. Also, perfect way to go green as you reinforce your brand! πŸ’šπŸ’š Find out more about our Eco Berber Inlaid Logo Mat on canadamats.ca

Classic Impression Logo Mat

'The mats are fantastic'

Classic Impressions Logo Mat will promote your logo/brand in sharp, clear and bright details, score you some serious attention and positive impressions. And best yet, these logo mats are earth-friendly using recycled materials in its construction. You can order the Classic Impressions at canadamats.ca

Waterhog Inlay Logo Mats

"We Love It! Thank You!"

If you are looking to showcase your brand and or logo but still need to it be functional as a scraper mat at heavy traffic areas both indoors and outdoors, then the Waterhog Inlay Mat will make for an excellent choice!! Check out the Waterhog Logo Mat at canadamats.ca

Dura Nop Inlay Logo Mats

β€œWe just received the mats and love them! They are exactly what we are looking for.”
"We love the mat and we are super happy on how it looks! Thank you for the good work."

Dura Nop Logo Mats are the ideal matting solution if you are looking to promote your brand image while trapping dirt and wicking water with every step. Dura Nop gives you an elegant and luxurious looking mat which is also most functional and long-lasting mat in the industry.

These are just some of our honourable mentions. If you want to check out the many more gorgeous mats we have worked on for our customers, do look up our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/canada_mats/

Please get in touch with us if you would like to own one of these gorgeous mats! You can also check out our other mat options at https://www.canada.ca