Indoor vs. Outdoor Mats: Choosing the Right Mat for Your Commercial Spaces

Choosing indoor and outdoor mats is crucial when enhancing your commercial space's functionality and aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we'll explore the features and benefits of two exceptional mat products – the CM VIPER 8950 Scraper Mat for outdoor use and the CM VIPER 8925 for indoor use.

Outdoor Mat: CM VIPER 8950 Scraper Mat

Durability and Style in One

Are you looking for a mat that stands up to continuous dirt and moisture while maintaining an upscale aesthetic? The CM VIPER 8950 Scraper Mat is designed with a random-faced pattern for superior durability. Ideal for high-end hotels and foyers, this mat adds a touch of sophistication to your entrance and is highly durable.



Unique Construction

The CM VIPER 8950 Mats are constructed with a looped dual fiber material, providing excellent moisture absorption and efficient debris scraping. The random-faced pattern ensures resilience against daily dirt and moisture, making it a perfect indoor and outdoor choice.


Customization for Your Space

Custom-size mats are tailored to your dimensions, with the option for edging to match your preferences. The versatility of the CM VIPER 8950 makes it suitable for various commercial spaces.

Indoor Mat: CM VIPER 8925 Mat

Luxurious Aesthetic with Effective Performance

For posh hotel lobbies and high-end foyers, the CM VIPER 8925 Mat is the flagship entrance mat that combines a luxurious carpet look with superior functionality. The wiper/scrapper mats aggressively remove dirt and moisture, ensuring a safe and clean indoor floor.



Built for Durability

With a looped fabric design, heavy-duty vinyl ramp edging, and durable vinyl backing, the CM VIPER 8925 Mat endures over time, providing a seamless transition for foot traffic, carts, and wheelchairs.


Customized for Your Needs

Similar to the outdoor counterpart, custom-sized indoor mats are produced to fit your exact dimensions, with or without edging, based on your preference.

Whether defending the busiest entrances outdoors or maintaining clean and aesthetically pleasing indoor floors, the CM VIPER 8950 and 8925 Mats are trusted solutions designed to meet the demands of Canadian commercial spaces. Choose the mat that fits your needs and enjoy durability, quality, and a touch of style in every step.

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