How Much Time Does A Custom Mat Take To Make?

For both business and residential clients in Canada, we at Canada Mats specialize in printed floor mats. Because the customer may acquire the precise mat they need to fit their property, printed floor mats are among the most popular items in our lineup. Doormats with custom printing are made for any indoor or outdoor setting and last for many years, keeping your company's logo or colors visible to guests, clients, and employees.

How Do You Design and Print a Doormat?

Any design, branding, or logo may be printed, and our only restriction is the imagination!

We have a great deal of expertise creating custom-printed doormats that liven up dull flooring areas and address the issue of damp floors throughout the winter. Our staff can assist you even if you need urgent matting because we have extraordinary lead times.

How Do You Personalize a Doormat?

The customer only has to email us a copy of their design, and our talented staff will create a mock-up of how the personalized doormat will appear and email it back. If any adjustments are necessary, we can make those as well. Once you are satisfied, we start building your custom printed mats utilizing our cutting-edge printers and matting materials.

A digital printer is used to permanently dye colors into the carpet's pile. To ensure that the pattern is visible for many years to come, colors are deeply dyed into the coir rather than just printed on the mat's surface.

The printed mats are packaged and prepared for shipping to the buyer once the design has been produced.

Advantages of Printed Floor Mats

You will be able to benefit after the goods is delivered if you choose a custom printed coir mat or a rubber backed printed floor mat.

  • At entrances, display the firm name, emblem, branding, or greeting.
  • Gather grit and dirt
  • Available in custom sizes to fit any space
  • You may create a custom, one-of-a-kind coir doormat for your house.
  • On the mats, you can print whatever original artwork you choose.
  • The natural coir fibers are readily and swiftly printed on using the UV printer.
  • The strength and weather resistance of mats make them ideal for outdoor use.

Because they are water resistant, do not mildew, dry fast, effectively remove dirt from shoes, are anti-static, and are easy to clean, coir mats are quite popular. Additionally, UV printers are a terrific way to decorate them!

Coconut fiber, a byproduct of the coconut industry, is used to make coir. It is affordable, incredibly strong, and environmentally friendly. Homeowners frequently choose coir doormats because they are strong and useful. However, since they are unaware of their possibilities, a lot of individuals decide to buy pre-made coir doormats instead of having them produced to order!