High Performance Entrance Mats for Commercial Premises.


Check out this video to know more about our Viper 8950 walk off mat and the Debris Trap recessed well tiles with carpet inserts. These mats were only down a week but they looked brand new! You could not see dirt anywhere. Then, when I went to pick up a corner to test for dirt - wow...do they work! See for yourself!
The Viper 8950 is proven to be the best in the industry for overall performance - it scrapes, collects, holds, and hides dirt and moisture. And it looks great! It's a versatile entrance mat that performs indoors and outdoors. Viper 8950 entrance mat system is made from aggressive, durable nylon scraper fibers and has a quality vinyl backing. It's available in Charcoal, Brown and Red colors. The Debris Trap tiles with carpet inserts are PVC scraper tiles with Heavy Duty Polypropylene needle punch carpet inserts. The tiles are far more effective at controlling dirt and moisture (wiping the feet) in comparison to metal mats. And they are very quiet, especially where there is cart traffic. We replaced the previous metal pedi mats with our Debris Trap tiles.
The 1-2 punch of the Debris Trap followed by Viper 8950 has made a striking difference in maintaining the cleanliness of the building and controlling dirt and moisture. The building manager was more than pleased with the elegant look, quiet transfer of people and shopping carts (previous metal mats were very noisy), and the obvious point that it works. The Viper 8950 has proven itself effective at some of the busiest doors in North America, some seeing more than 5 million foot traffic per year. Now it is third season and still going strong.
If you need a cost-effective solution for maintaining your facility, check out Viper 8950 for indoor or outdoor mats, and Debris Trap tiles with carpet inserts for recessed well mats. Replace those ugly metal, noisy pedi mats!