Easy Halloween DIY Decorations For Last Minuters!

It’s Halloween time again! Every year we anticipate the wonders and joy that this holiday brings us. There is just something about Halloween that brings out a sense of wonder in children and adults alike! It is after all a day to explore the deepest and darkest corners of your imagination, engage in a day of merriment – with parades, trick-or-treating, bonfires, and costume parties and not to forget decorating your home with terrifying and creepy Halloween decorations. Now in the spirit of Halloween if you have already outdone yourself with creativity and scare quotient – decorating your home with lights, pumpkins, fake skeletons, ghostly sounds, goblins, dry ice and other spookiness for a scream inducing Halloween experience – then, good for you! But, today’s post is not for you enthusiastic folks... we are talking to the last-minuters. You know who you are – we are talking to you, those who waited until the last minute (yes, eleven days is considered last minute) to get your game face on and your brain cells scrambling to get the home Halloween ready. But we say... it’s never too late make your home a haunted house, make a few enhancements, add a touch of fright and prepare for trick-or-treaters. Give your home-sweet-home a decidedly devilish air and get into the spooky spirit with some quick, easy and stress-free do-it-yourself Halloween decorating ideas - rounded up from some creative folks out there - just make life easy for you! And, just coz it’s quick and easy doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! So try your hand at these and turn ‘last-minute’ into sheer genius!

Paper Bat Swarm


Hellpp!! There's a bat swarm in my house!

How do you scare people with this cool looking bat swarm? Simply grab a stack of black construction paper, some scissors and some tape, print out a template of a flying (or hanging) bat or try freehand drawing some shapes. Cut out the bat shapes to tape into a swarm for a quick, wall-size Halloween display

Lacy Hanging Ghosts


Alright this may not necessarily look scary (mebbe a bit cute?) So go ahead and add your own twist to it.. make it scary if you think it! But we thinks it looks better cute!

Find some foam balls, some scrap lace or white fabric and something to hang your ghosts with and you could have a whole group of these cute ghosts spooking up a room

Pumpkin Balloons


Bring a gaggle of helium-filled jack-o'-lantern balloons to life near the refreshment table (or anywhere else as you please) in no time. Draw simple features onto inflated balloons with permanent marker. Choose an assortment of geometric shapes that are easy to create freehand.

Tissue Paper Bat Garland


No need to bait your home with bugs to attract a scary swarm of bats like these; all that's required is tissue paper and a pair of scissors. How to make the Bat Tissue Paper Garland

Creepy Candles


Oh horrors of horrors!! There's blood on those candles!! Wonder who lost their life in this house!

Cast a sinister glow with a cluster of white candles dripping with "blood" (actually red candle wax). Fill a cup or a small pail with sand, and plant white candles inside so they stand upright. Light a red candle and tip it over the white candles so the wax drips down the tops and sides, being careful not to burn yourself. Let wax cool completely before removing candles from sand.

Zombie Pumpkins


Shiver me timbers... these zombies of the pumpkin variety is sure to scare some trick-or-treaters.

Creating these spooky and a bit googly-eyed monsters is easy. Use small pumpkins, use a template for its mouth, stick some plastic eyeballs in there, and a thumbtack. Here's how to create your Zombie Pumpkins

Glittered Skulls, Bones, and Bugs

la10285905_1007_skulls_vertCover skeletal parts in glue and glitter for a simple, one-of-a-kind centerpiece that's both elegant and eerie. Here's how to create your Glitter Bones and Bugs

Now that we have given you the inspiration, get moving and into the Halloween mood. Let us know which one is your favorite and what you did to make it your own! Happy Halloween!