Custom Logo Coir Doormats from Canada Mats

Looking to boost sales or refresh & reshape your company brand? Then, investing in custom logo floor/entrance mats is the wise way to go. It will be an absolute important addition to the company’s marketing strategy.

Entrance mats are important for keeping floors dry, clean and safe AND they are perfect as marketing material.

Custom logo mats help create a professional look to your entryway. It is a great way to promote and add value to your brand. Placing an entrance mat with your company name gives an instant signboard! Offer your customers an overview off your business with a tag-line; attract potential customers – give people a reason to stop and enter by adding your logo or a promotional message to highlight your brand. Also, these mats sit outside your business and you do no incur the additional expense of having to rent out space to displaying your message or branding as hoardings would!

At Canada Mats, we carry a wide variety of indoor and outdoor logo mats for commercial use in a range of styles, types and sizes that will fit the look and feel of any brand – that is sure to fit any budget! But it is very important to choose the right logo mat for you and your business, which will make that powerful impact for your brand!

Let’s find an eco-friendly way to promote your brand!

Did you know at Canada Mats you can customize coir floor/entrance mats!? Yes, you can customize coir mats with a logo, branding, line, or any design of your choice. These coir mats provide you a great opportunity to showcase your business as an eco-conscious brand. Made out of coco fibres, sustainably produced from coconut by-products, you have an advertising tool that will last you a long time and is extremely functional; also gives you a product that will enhance your brand positively while keeping things ecologically safe. Place these customized coir floor/entrance mat outside your office, storefront, hotel, restaurant, showroom, or any kind of business premises, and they will project the entrance and you (as a brand) in the best professional light!

At Canada Mats, there are two ways to customize a coir floor mat – Inlaid and Printed. In this post, we will introduce you to the two and all that you can do with them.

Inlaid Custom Coir Mats

Using a unique inlay process, we create a custom floor mat for you that is beautiful, long-lasting and practical for any workplace. Once you decide to go with an Inlaid Logo Mat and have chosen the design (your logo, branding, messaging or something unique) you want, we will –

  1. Create the design template, place it over a base mat and with a precision cutting machine manually cut the design/logo out of the base coir mat.
  2. Then, design/logo pieces are cut from different coloured mats (of the same material). These cut logo pieces are inlaid back into the base mat, pieced and bonded together to a reinforced rubber backing.

With Inlaid Custom Coir Mats, we can create high quality beautiful designs on a mat that is highly resistant to mold and mildew, is long lasting and hardy and very effective in removing tough dirt, grime and water from feet.

Due to the nature of the inlay process there are strict design restrictions and if you are looking at a design that requires a lot off detailing and are complicated then the Inlaid Logo Mat would not make for a good choice.

Here are some Custom Inlaid Logo Mats we have done to give you an idea of the scope of what all you can get done with an Inlaid Logo Mat:

Printed Custom Coir Logo Mats

Printed Logo Mats are ideal for promoting your brand and works effectively as heavy-duty floor mats and present your logo in stunning, sharp and clear images. All our printed custom coir mats are “Stencil Printed”

Stencil Printing process involves creating/cutting a design stencil using a specialized machine. This stencil is then placed over the coir mat and sprayed with a specially formulated spray dye. The specially formulated spray dye goes deep into the mat between the fibres to give longer-lasting colour.

All our Personalized Doormats are Stencil Printed. We will talk more about Personalized Coir Doormats in our next post. Stay Tuned!

Here are some Custom Printed Logo Mats we have done to give you an idea of the scope of what all you can get done with a Printed Logo Mat:

But what if you are not a business, but have a design that you really have your heart set on and would like printed or inlaid on a coir doormat? Well, of course you can get it done with us. We do not discriminate! 😊

Get in touch with us and our customer service team will guide you.

Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Contact us today or call us at (800) 624-0041 to order a custom logo mat that works for you. For further information on the range of customized mats that we have, visit our Custom Logo Mats webpage.

Here a refresher on the importance of custom logo mats for your brand and how to go about choosing the right one for your business.