Choosing the Right Logo Mat

classic-impressions-hdWe hope that with our previous post on the importance of a custom logo mat for your brand image has inspired you to invest in one this new year; with your new marketing strategies for a great new brand image going forward! We have a wide variety of indoor custom mat and outdoor custom floor mats in a range of styles, types and sizes that will fit the look and feel of any brand - that is sure to fit any budget! But, it is very important to choose the right logo mat for you and your business, which will make that powerful impact for your brand! Let us talk in detail today about the different kinds of custom logo mats available that will help you make the right choice. INLAID CUSTOM LOGO MAT: waterhog-inlay-paces-park-5 With the unique inlay process, your logo, message or the design of your choice, is specially cut out off different mat colours. These mat sections are then pieced together and bonded to the rubber backing to create a beautiful, long-lasting and practical design mat for any workplace. What this means - Once you decide to go with an Inlaid Logo Mat and have chosen the design you want –
  1. We create the design template and place it over a base mat. With a precision cutting machine we manually cut the design (shapes, text etc) out of the base mat.
  2. The logo pieces are cut from different coloured mats (of the same material). These cut logo pieces are inlaid back into the base mat, pieced and bonded together to a reinforced rubber backing.
Most Inlaid Custom Logo Mats use solution- dyed polypropylene material. This material cannot be printed on and therefore are perfect for inlaid logo mats. But, the inlay process can be done on other materials as well as long as it has a backing: for example – a vinyl backed coir mat Advantages:
  • Solution dyed polypropylene fibers: The fibers are solution dyed before weaving which means that the dyes go into the substrate of the mat giving you a UV stabilized floor mat - therefore the colours are resistant to fading
  • Highly resistant to mold and mildew – giving you a hygienic product
  • Higher quality and beautiful designs
  • Long lasting and hardy, extremely durable
  • Its excellent durability and non-slip properties make this a perfect logo mat for Outdoor and Commercial applications. Effective in removing tough dirt, grime and water from feet.
  • Inlaying a logo mat is a very manual process and is labour intensive process putting the inlaid logo mat in the higher price range
  • As we have to cut the designs there are higher artworks restrictions. There are strict design restrictions for the inlay process – there has to be a minimum line thickness of 3/8 inch and a 3/4 inch line spacing between colours. This means if you are looking at a design that requires a lot off detailing and are complicated then the Inlaid Logo Mat would not make for a good choice.
  • Gradients, tints, screens and transparencies are not supported and should not be used.
The different Inlaid logo mats available with us are - Aqua Logo Mats, Custom Carpet Logo Mats, Dura Nop Inlaid Logo Mat, Econo-Nop Logo Matting, Waterhog Logo Inlay Outdoor Mat, Everscrape Logo Mats, Eco Berber Inlaid Logo Mats FLOCKED CUSTOM LOGO MATFlockedCustomMat With the Flocked Custom Logo Mats, Nylon flock/fibers are permanently embedded onto the mat’s surface creating a strong visual effect with a slightly raised imprint of your design. What this means - Once you’ve decided to go the Flocked Custom Logo Mat way, the Flocking process will involve:
  1. Placing a screen with the design template onto the mat, a special adhesive is applied to create an adhesive coated design on the mat.
  2. Short monofilament fibers , usually nylon fibers, are then applied directly onto the mat across the adhesive coated design
  3. A special equipment is the used that will electrically charge the flock particles causing them to stand up. The fibers are then propelled and anchored into the adhesive at right angle to the mat substrate. This forms a high density uniform flock coating.
The flocking method can be applied on different materials such coco fibers, regular olefin and berber. Advantages:
  • The flocking process give a 3D look to the design as the image has a raised look on top of the mat
  • Gives a crafted look to the design
  • It is fairly durable and permanent as the process uses an adhesive to bond the flock instead of using ink.
  • 28 standard colours to choose from and Pantone matched colours can be used for a fee
  • Can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • There is a colour limitation for the Flocked Custom Logo Mat. Only a maximum of 4 colours can be used at one time on each mat for a design.
  • With these limitations, the flocked logo mats are not a suitable option for designs/logo’s that require many colours
The different flocked custom logo mats available with us are: Flocked Natural Coco Mats, Olefin Flocked Mat PRINTED CUSTOM LOGO MATSClassic Impressions Logo Mat Printed Logo Mats are ideal for promoting your brand and works effectively as heavy duty floor mats and present your logo in stunning, sharp and clear images. There are few kinds of Printed logo Mats. Stencil Print Custom Logo Mats – These are currently available with us on Coco Doormats. This process involves creating/cutting a design stencil using a specialized machine. This stencil is then placed over the coco mat and sprayed with a specially formulated spray dye. Advantages:
  • The specially formulated spray dye goes deep into the mat between the fibres to give longer lasting colour.
  • Economical and has a fast turnaround time for 3 -5 days.
*All our Personalized Doormats use the Stencil Print Digitally Printed Custom Logo Mats – Digitally Printed Logo Mats are heavy-duty floor mats which can be used to display your logo in sharp, clear and vivid detail. Your logo or image is printed directly onto the mat’s surface. Printed with a state-of-the-art chromojet digital printer, colours are permanently dyed onto the nylon carpet. Reproduction of fine details, shading and 3 dimensional images are easily possible with this cutting-edge print process. Digitally Printed HD Custom Logo Mats – Printed on a “High Definition” four-color process digital printer, the Digital Print HD has the ability to print photographic quality images with almost ten times the resolution of Digital Print classic printers. The fibers are denser and the even surface gives a sharper print. With the 'Pantone Matching' ability of the Digital Print HD gives you the choice of unlimited colour combinations. Advantages:
  • You get a custom logo mat with photographic quality
  • This option is great for designs requiring multiple colours. The digital print uses up to 28 colours and the digital print HD gives 10 times more resolution and has pantone matching giving unlimited colour options
  • Detailed Images can be printed - the material used - nylon is a refined fiber and therefore allows for sharp and crisp image printing. They nylon fibers are also great for long term wiping action.
  • Fading, shading and fine lines are all possible.
  • A cost effective process for bulk orders. If you are ordering several pieces there is only a one time set up is required of the print machine.
  • Very little limitation when it comes to design. Matches up colours well and prints well.
  • Images are permanently dyed directly into the mat and will not wear off over time
  • Not very cost effective if you are looking only at a one-time print.
  • The material used in mat is not UV Stabilized therefore the colours will fade if placed under direct sunlight
  • This option is recommended only for indoor use***
The digitally printed custom logo mats available with us are Digi Print Logo Mats, Classic Impressions Logo Mats, Classic Impressions HD Logo Mats Most digitally printed logo mats come with a rubber backing. Now, if you are looking for a digitally printed logo mat but instead of a rubber backing you want a latex backing then look at Grand Impressions HD Logo Mat. With the advantages of a digitally printed mat, this product has a latex backing and comes with a carpet edging (options of overlock or surge edging). These are a durable product suited for use further in into the facility. For example these can be used as a mat under the coffee table featuring your branding. *** If you are looking for the photo quality of a digitally printed logo mat but want it for outdoor use, then you may want to consider going for Floor Impression Mat or Super Scrape Impressions Mat.Floor ImpressionsInstead of the usual nylon fibers, these are made from Nitrile rubber. A digitally printed Thermo-Plastic Vinyl film (with your design) is embedded onto the top surface of the mat. These products give you the same advantages of a digitally printed mat with photorealistic images but as it is made from rubber it is a more resilient and durable floor mat can be used for high traffic outdoor and indoor applications. We also have the anti-fatigue custom logo mats using the digital imprint method (using the digitally imprinted thermo-plastic vinyl film) that can be used to stand on! Perfect to provide relief and comfort to your employees, while you promote your brand with detailed, bright and vivid imagery. We have these anti-fatigue custom logo mats available with us: Hog Heaven Impressions Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats, Cushion Max Impressions Logo Mats & Pyra-Mat Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats We do hope that this information proves useful as you make that all important decision. As we said, we have a wide variety of custom logo mats that is sure to fit any type of brand or budget you are looking for. But, if at any point you feel you need to talk to someone and get help with making a decision then please call us at (800) 624-0041 or email us and we will be glad to help you.