A Great Doormat = A Great First Impression

Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner, a doormat at the front can be the difference between a good first impression and a great first impression. Ever walked into an establishment and been immediately turned off by the lack of style or professionalism in decor? Just as decorating a house is an expression of who the homeowner is, the decor of an establishment is an expression of how the business is. 


Details matter! When a customer walks into your business, you want a front space that maximizes the customer experience. That’s where our customer commercial door mats come in!

Every business owner nowadays knows the importance of branding, logos and a consistent colour scheme. It’s what makes your business standout to consumers to leave a lasting impression. A commercial entrance mat is a great way to show off the professionalism and consistency of your business. Why not use a little floor space to push your brand? 


When looking for a commercial mat, you may be overwhelmed with all the options. The sky's the limit in our customization abilities, so here are some tips I’ve put together to help you decide the perfect mat for your business!


Outdoor or Indoor Doormat?


An outdoor commercial entrance mat can help attract attention and direct customers to the location of your business. This can be especially useful if your business is located somewhere obscure. A bonus of an interesting outdoor commercial doormat is that it can convert curious pedestrians into paying customers!


To make your store front abundantly clear, consider the size and colouring of your custom entrance mat. A large colourful mat with bold letters can easily catch the attention of bystanders while a moderately sized mat with more muted colours could help point out which door leads into your business. At Canada Mats, no size, shape, design or colouring is out of our scope so whatever you can dream up, we can bring to reality!


Your outdoor mat will also be able to withstand the weather and the trampling of those extra customers you’ll soon be getting. Depending on your location and the type of weather you get, consider what kind of material would best suit you. At Canada Mats, we have heavy-duty CM Viper 8950 mats with close-knit loop construction to hide water exceptionally well until it is evaporated. Our custom outdoor mats are created to withstand any wear and tear be it from dirty footprints or terrible weather.


You’re probably wondering, if outdoor mats are so great then why do indoor mats exist? Well, indoor mats can be amazing in creating a professional tone inside your business as well as pushing brand awareness for any pedestrians who happen to stumble in. Your indoor entrance mat may be the first thing customers see when they come in, so make sure it gives the first impression that you want it to! As with the outdoor mats, Canada Mats has a full range for any size, design or colouring you may want.


Design and Sizing


Large or small? Playful or traditional? Bold or classy? All important questions to ask when picking the right mat for you. Large commercial mats with a bold logo can be great for attracting attention while smaller floor mats with a moderately sized logo can be great for creating that professional environment. Ask yourself what the personality of your brand is. Is it fun and quirky? Is it serious and professional? Or is it something in between? Your custom mat can help depict your business’ personality attracting the right kind of customers. A high end boutique may have a minimalist floor mat to promote luxury while the floor mat at a daycare business may be large and colourful. 


At Canada Mats, we can print any custom artwork or design to enhance your brand identity. Check us out at canadamats.ca!

The Perfect Mat Material


As previously mentioned, the material of your mat is important to ensure that it can withstand the test of time! If your business is near a park where mud can be tracked in then consider our Dura Nop Mats perfect for trapping dirt and moisture with easy washibility. If your near the beach where sand and rocks can be brought in, you’d be more interested in our CM Viper 8150 Mats made to trap smaller debris like sand. 


If your business is a large event like a carnival or beer garden, consider our non-slip CM Viper Ribbed Runner Mat is perfect to prevent accidents! This mat also doubles up as a way to keep dirt and debris out while keeping your patrons safe.



There are many factors to consider when getting a commercial floor mat. You don’t want any old doormat, you want something that creatively enhances the goals of your business!


Consider what you want to achieve with your commercial doormat to make a decision about indoor or outdoor placement as well as design, colouring and the size of your custom floor mat. Finally, the location of your business and the weather there can help you decide what material would work best for you. 

If you’re overwhelmed with all this, shoot us a message on canadamats.ca and one of our experts will reply immediately with advice and tips! So what are you waiting for? Go level up your business!