More Information
Material Nontoxic & Waterproof
Application Play Areas
Sizes Available 1.84m (72.8") x 1.25m (49.2")
Total Height 10mm (2/5")
Total Weight 10.4lb

Zig Zag Black Baby Care Playmat - Medium

This contemporary reversible Baby Care Playmat keeps your children safe and comfortable by creating a soft barrier between them and the hard floor. This eco-friendly mat is nontoxic and free of BPA, phthalates, latex and lead. Its waterproof surface make this mat easy to clean.
Lead Time: 3-5 Days
Baby Care

With its contemporary design, Baby Care Black Zig Zag Playmat is quite the versatile mat. It can be used as a playmat, an area rug or even a sports mat. Every one in the family can use it – why should only babies have all the fun! Baby Care Black Zig Zag playmat brings designer chic to home spaces and so is a must-have for moms who want a play mat that blends in with the décor.

As a play mat, the Baby Care Black Zig Zag Playmat offers all the safety features that you expect from Baby Care. The soft, cushioned construction gives children a safe and comfortable space to play on. Designer black and white zig zag pattern makes this play mat a good fit in an modern home. On the reverse, you will find lovely pastel graphics of animals, their names corresponding to alphabets - a great way to teach children the alphabet as they play. When not being used by children, the mat makes a great area rug. 

  • The superior shock absorption protects children against the impact of falls, tumbles, and rough playing. The mat is easy to clean and to keep hygienic.
  • The Baby Care Black Zig Zag Playmat creates a hygienic, safe and cushioned play space for children.
  • The padded surface ensures a soft landing when kids roll, tumble, and fall while playing.
  • It can be used in playrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or any area where kids choose to play.
  • Product dimensions: 72.8 x 49.2 x 0.47 in
  • Shipping dimensions: 51.6 x 7.9 x 7.9 in; Shipping weight: 12.6 lb