Xtra-Flex Anti-Fatigue Mats

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks
As low as CA$112.99
Rhino Mats

Xtra-Flex was developed to give a significant advantage when competing with a polyurethane product.

They only comes in the solid black color.

The goal was to manufacture a softer mat with the necessary backlash properties while maintaining the wear characteristics that are the trademark of Rhino Mats.

Every foot movement on an Xtra-Flex mat is absorbed by the Xtra-Flex Micro-cellular Foam base to reduce any impact effects. It springs back to deliver that small amount of energy back to the feet and provides a vitality that stimulates good circulation, the essence of a healthy life.

The Xtra-Flex rebound properties and resiliency are backed by a five year performance guarantee.

Xtra-Flex anti-fatigue mats are a full 7/8" thick, double the thickness of ordinary mats.

Xtra-Flex Detail