Wearwell Rejuvenator Stand Alone Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Special price for the 2'x 3' size

The Rejuvenator Mat is made of 100% crush-resistant urethane, which is high-quality sponge compound that is proven to be more resilient than any other anti-fatigue matting material, which helps keep standing workers energized and comfortable all day. 

  • Features beveled edges and a textured slip resistant backing, which minimizes sliding on hard floor surfaces
  • The Rejuventor is perfect for dry work areas, but is also resistant to most liquid and chemical spills.
  • First class comfort and durability make Rejuvenator anti-fatigue mat an indisputable long-term ergonomic value.
  • This anti-fatigue mat is highly resistant to abrasions in high-use areas.
  •  For longer workstations, uniquely shaped areas or entire floor coverings, check out Wearwell Rejuvenator Connect Anti-fatigue Mats.
  • Rejuvenator Matting comes in Black:
Rejuvenator Linkable Matting Rejuvenator Linkable Matting Rejuvenator Linkable Matting Rejuvenator Linkable Matting


Wearwell Rejuvenator Anti fatigue Mats