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Material 100% post - consumer PET Polyester
Face Style Herringbone
Backing 100% SBR Rubber

Waterhog Eco Grand Elite

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks
As low as CA$0.00

The Waterhog Eco Grand Elite is a green product made out of 43.3% recycled content working towards keeping a clean entrance and prevent dirt and grime from tracking indoors. 70% to 80% of all dust, dirt and grime that get tracked indoors are from people’s feet, which damage floors and interior surfaces. The cost to find and remove a single pound of dirt from a building can run in excess of $600 in cleaning costs. As few as 150 people entering a facility can track in one pound of dirt in a 5 day work week... costing over $30,000 annually to remove. Exactly why you should invest in a Waterhog Eco Grand Elite

The Waterhog Scraper/Wiper series of entrance mats are manufactured with a rubber reinforced bi-level face construction that effectively filters dirt and moisture at the door. The bi-level scraping surface of the Waterhog mat filters more sand from shoes than finishing/rental mats that do not have bi-level construction. This reduces maintenance costs, improves indoor air quality and protects floor surfaces from premature wear. An effective Waterhog Scraper/Wiper entrance mats can stop over 80% of the dirt and moisture from entering buildings, significantly reducing maintenance costs and damage to your facilities’ floor

  • Eco-friendly! Made from 100% post consumer recycled PET fabric reclaimed from plastic drink bottles
  • SBR rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires
  • 3/8” thick bi-level surface effectively removes and stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level until cleaning
  • Eco Grand Elite top surface comes in a beautiful Herringbone Patterned design
  • Rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing thereby extending performance life of product
  • Unique “Water Dam” feauture on the Waterhog Grand Premier allows the Waterhog mat to hold up to 1 1/2 gallons of water per sq yard so water and dirt stay on mat
  • Anti-Static and certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Available with cleated backing for placement on carpet OR smooth backing for hard floor surfaces
  • Available in two shapes - One End Round & Two Ends Round
  • These two shapes with many sizing options is available in the following colors : Black Smoke, Southern Pine, Maroon, Khaki, Indigo, Grey Ash, Chestnut Brown, Regal Red. Please see the color swatch below.
  • The Waterhog Eco Grand Premier is recommended for use both indoors and outdoors in commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, office buildings and more

Waterhog Eco Grand Elite - Shapes Available

 Waterhog Eco Grand Elite


Waterhog Eco Grand Elite - Color Swatch

 Waterhog Eco Grand Elite Color Swatch