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Material Recycled PET Fabric
Backing SBR Rubber
Edging Beveled
Application Commercial Entrance
Sizes Available Stock Sizes

Waterhog Eco Elite Mats

Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
As low as CA$50.99
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Waterhog Eco Elite Entrance Mats as the name suggests is an eco-friendly and a certified green product. Using these mats especially for your new projects can assist in winning you valuable LEED certification points. The carpet material used in manufacturing the Eco Elite mats is 100% PET post-consumer recycled fiber reclaimed from drink bottles. Even the backing used on the Eco Elite is recycled from 20% post-consumer car tires. 

  • Waterhog Eco Elite Mats are constructed out of premium, anti-static, 100% polypropylene fibre system which will not fade or rot.
  • These mats effectively captures dirt, mud and water from shoes with its unique herringbone ridge design which keeps your floor cleaner. 
  • The unique "Water Dam" border on this Waterhog entrance mat holds up to 1½ gallons of water per square yard; water and dirt stay on the mat and off the floor
  • Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.Traps debris and moisture and hence reduces accidents from slipping and falling by offering a slip resistant surface. 
  • Waterhog Eco Elite Mats are not only functional and durable in keeping your entrances clean but also gives it an attractive apppearance with its beautiful herringbone pattern.
  • Bi-level surface effectively removes and stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level until cleaning
  • Rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing, extending the performance life of the product
  • Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or can be hosed off and hang to dry.
  • Waterhog Eco Elite Mats are beveled on four sides and are available in 8 colors.
  • ECO Elite Entrance Mats are ideal for heavy traffic areas, all commercial entrances and can be used for all applications.
Edging Program is also available for this product. You will also need insta-bond if you are going for edging

Waterhog Eco Elite Colours