More Information
Material 74% Nylon and 26% Polypropylene
Construction Looped Yarns
Face Style Blended/Random Pattern
Face Fibre Blended Coarse and Soft Yarns
Backing Natural Rubber
Edging Vinyl Ramp
Application Indoor Areas with Heavy Traffic
Custom Sizes Available
Total Height 8.1mm (3/8")
Total Weight 0.73 lb/ft²
Roll Length 12m (39')

CM Viper 8900 Wiper/Scraper Matting with Rubber Backing

With their dual fibre construction, CM Viper 8900 Mats aggressively scrape away dirt and absorb moisture in busy entrances. These mats are backed by a non slip, natural rubber, allowing for quicker evaporation of collected moisture without lifting.

Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
As low as CA$0.00


CM Viper 8900 Matts are among the toughest of entrance mats with powerful scrubbing features. Not only do these mats’ dual fibres wick moisture, but their coarse loops efficiently scrape away grime. These mats are designed with a tufted random pattern to hide dirt and debris throughout the day. Not only are they durable and functional, but CM Viper 8900 Matts also have a luxurious appearance, making them the perfect addition to high-end commercial entrances, such as hotel lobbies and retail locations.

Why CM Viper 8900 Wiper/Scraper Matting with Rubber Backing?

With blended fibres, CM Viper 8900 Mats are among the best mats for scraping away dirt and moisture from shoes throughout the day in the busiest entrances. These mats keep surrounding floors clean and safe throughout the day by continuously trapping grime. The random tufted pattern, and dark colouring make small patches of dirt virtually invisible.

With a low pile and heavy duty vinyl ramp edging, these mats allow easy transition of foot traffic, carts and wheelchairs. CM Viper 8900 Mats have a natural rubber backing that is slip resistant and breathable. By using a natural rubber to back these mats, less water pools underneath the mats and trapped moisture evaporates quicker, which helps to preserve the life of underneath flooring.

CM Viper 8900 Mats are incredibly durable with the ability to hold up well to heavy use, withstanding even the busiest of areas.


The dual fibres that construct the CM Viper 8900 Mats are solution dyed which produces an even colouring that resists fading and staining even with extremely heavy use. Fibres are arranged to make a random tufted pattern which not only helps to scrape away and camouflage dirt, but also produces a vibrant, yet luxurious appearance.


  • ▸ Ideal for commercial entrance and exit ways with high traffic 
  • ▸ Hotel Lobbies
  • ▸ Retail Stores
  • ▸ Malls
  • ▸ University Buildings
  • ▸ Restaurants

Features and Benefits

  • The PVC vinyl ramp edge and natural rubber backing prevent lifting and allow a good transition from the floor to the mat
  • ▸ The tufted random pattern helps hide dust, salt, sand, and dirt on the mat until it can be properly cleaned
  • ▸ CM Viper 8900 Mats are available solution dyed in the colours charcoal and black
  • ▸ Rolls are available in a maximum size of 2mx12m (6’x39’)
  • Regular lead time is 1-2 weeks. Please contact us for rush orders (shipped within 1-2 days)

Custom Sizes

This durable matting is constructed with a natural rubber backing which allows us to cut the mats to the exact size and shape that you need. Custom sized mats can be ordered online as shown above. If you are looking for a custom shape, please contact us at with your requirements.