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Material 100% Polypropylene
Construction Looped Yarns
Face Style Berber Pattern
Face Fibre Blended Coarse and Soft Yarns
Backing PVC Vinyl
Application Indoor/Outdoor Areas with Moderate to Low Traffic
Total Height 9.5 mm (3/8″)
Total Weight 0.6 lb/ft²
Roll Length 18.3m (60")

Viper 2500 Needle-Pin Entrance Mats

Viper 2500 Needle-Pin Mats are constructed of a looped dual fibre material to absorb moisture and scrape away dirt with its coarse yarns. With a durable PVC vinyl backing, these mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor use in moderate to low traffic areas.
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Needle-Pin Mats are faced with looped synthetic fibres which absorb moisture while scraping away dirt from shoes. These mats feature a non slip vinyl backing which protects the underneath flooring from damage, prevents lifting and minimizes risk of accidents. Used in retail locations across North America, these mats are an economical option for retail and office entrances with moderate traffic.

Why Viper 2500 Needle-Pin Mats?

These mats are a cost-effective way to keep entrances clear of moisture and debris. With coarse blended fibres looped into a berber pattern, Needle-Pin Mats not only trap moisture and dirt, but they camouflage it too, keeping entrances and mats appearing clean throughout the day.

Needle-Pin Mats are backed with a non slip PVC vinyl to add stability and durability. This backing is chemical resistant and will not stain underneath flooring. Furthermore, the strength of this backing allows these mats to be used indoors and outdoors during harsh weather conditions, such as snow. Together, the stable backing, low pile and low profile edge create an easy transition of foot traffic, carts and wheelchairs onto the mats.

Pattern and Colouring

The coarse dual fibres that construct the Needle-Pin Mats are solution dyed into a charcoal colour and UV stabilized which produces an even colouring that resists sun fading, rubbing and staining. The fibres are looped into a berber pattern to continuously scrape away and hide dirt which keeps surrounding areas clean all day.


  • ▸ Ideal for entrances with moderate to low traffic
  • ▸ Retail Locations
  • ▸ Hospitals
  • ▸ Apartment Buildings
  • ▸ Warehouses
  • ▸ Hotels
  • ▸ Elevators & Stairwells

Features and Benefits

  • ▸ These mats are cost-effective dirt scrapers for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • ▸ These mats are commonly used across North America
  • ▸ These mats are sturdy and cost-effective, which is why they are commonly used across North America
  • ▸ Needle-Pin Mats come solution dyed in a charcoal colouring
  • ▸ Comes with a low profile edging for an easy transition from floor to mat
  • ▸ Its low 9.5mm (3/8”) total height prevents tripping hazards
  • ▸ Sizes come in a maximum of 3m (10’) long
  • ▸ Needle-Pin Mats are made in the USA
  • Regular lead time is 1-2 weeks. Please contact us at for rush orders (shipped within 1-2 days)