Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$84.99
Rhino Mats

Vegas Heel-Proof Salon Mats are designed specifically to withstand the pressure of high heel and spikes and hence do not get punctured by high heels.

  • Engineered with a shiny black thick top surface of 3/16" from nylon reinforced performance rated polymeric vinyl, these salon mats offer high resistance to punctures that can be created from heels.
  • These salon mats are soft and pliant under feet and can improve the morale and productivity of a stylist .
  • Available in two styles, these high heel proof salon mats can have a single sponge of 9/16" thick or can be full 1" thick.
  • These salon mats are backed by a 5 year warranty that offers protection against punctures from spike heels.
  • Cleaning these salon mats is a breeze as they have an anti-static surface which means hair will not cling to the surface.
  • Custom sizes and configurations are also available. Custom Sizes are available upto 75'.  Just email us at for your required size.
  • Shampoo Mat is available in size 2' x 3'.
  • This salon mat is environmentally friendly as it is made of 25% recycled material.
  • Available in black color only.
                Style                                          Size                                              Weight  9/16"                           Weight  1"                             
Shampoo Mat  2' x 3'  10 lb  12 lb
Semi Circle   3' x 5'  24 lb  28 lb
Rectangle  3' x 5'  25 lb  30 lb
Semi- circle  4' x 5'  32 lb  37 lb
Rectangle  4' x 5'  33 lb  40 lb
Custom Sizes  Available upto 75' Ln.ft.         Price                                           Weight              
3' x  9/16" Linear Ft. 53.99 per ln.ft             5 lb per lin. ft.    
3' x 1" Linear Ft. 62.99 per ln.ft             6 lb per li ft.n.
4' x 9/16" Linear Ft. 71.99 per ln.ft             6.5 lb per ln.ft.
4' x 1" Linear Ft. 82.99 per ln.ft             8.0 per ln. ft.