UnderFloor Heating Mats 120V for Small Spaces

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Floor Heating Systems from Nuheat offer warmth and comfort in any room of your home or your busines. It will make your long cold and chilly winter bearable and keep your place ultra comfortable.

  • These floor heating mats are ideal for any room like kitchen, bathroom, living room, office space, laundry room, even a counterspace and they come in various sizes and can fit in any room.
  • These heated floor mats can be easily installed for tiles, granite, marble, slate surfaces, and keep them warm.
  • Enjoy the barefeet comfort in any room as these heated floor mats can be installed underneath engineered wood flooring and laminates
  • These electric heating systems can be used to offer warm floors in basements bedrooms, kitchen remodeling projects, entrances, and for warming granite countertops.
  • These heated floor mats are 1/8" thick.
  • They come with a 25 year warranty.
  • This floor heating mat is designed like an electric blanket and draws 12 watts per square foot and produces 41 BTUs per square foot,
  • They offer even heat with no cold spots.
  • These underfloor heated mats heat upto 80º - 90ºF (27º-32º C).
  • These heated floor mats are available in both 120V and 240V and come in 60 different sizes.
  • Temperature on this radiant floor heating can be controlled by various thermostats.
  • Heated Flooring Mats must be installed on a dedicated 20 amp circuit.
  • The maximum load the thermostat can handle is 15 amps; this translates to 150 square feet at 120V and 300 square feet at 240V.
  • Subfloor must be prepared according to ANSI standards.
  • These heated mats are not warranted in exterior applications.
  • Easy Installation can be done with the help of these Floor Heating Mats Installation Instruction.
Benefits of Nuheat Underfloor Heating Mats:
  • Offers warmth to any space so you will have a warm and cozy floor instead of cold floors when you step in to shower in the morning. 
  • Radiant heating through Nuheat is more energy efficient as it uses less energy.
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Easy Installation.
  • Designed to last for a lifetime.
  • Programmable Thermostat allows you to heat only where you want.
  • Clean soundless system.
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Great hit with designers as it is invisible compared to ugly baseboard heaters which can be replaced by them. It gives them complete freedom for decorating while making the rooms more comfortable.
  • Will heat the whole room not just the floor.
  • Is a favorite during rennovations as well as new homes.
  • Zone heating can be done which means only specific living areas can be targetted for heating hence reducing energy consumption without sacrificing quality of heating.
  • Offers consistent comfort as a cooler ambient temperature is maintained.
  • Encased in a thermal mass that retains and stores the heat emitted by the system. Even after Nuheat is turned off, this thermal mass continues to feel warm and emit its stored heat - again increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs.
  • Increased Safety as heating source is safely incased within layers of thinset so there is no chance of furniture, drapes or children coming in contact with the heating source.
  • Maintenance free and is designed to last for the lifetime of your floors.
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  Item     Code    

Size Amps Dimensions(feet)   
F1006 40" x 27" 0.8 3'4" x 2'3" $214.00
F1008 40"x32" 0.9 3'4" x 2'8" $223.00
F1010 40"x40" 1.1 3'4 x 3'4" $236.00
F1012 40"x48" 1.3 3'4" x 4' $254.00
F1206 48"x24" 0.8 4' x 2' $217.00
F1208 48"x30" 1 4' x 2.5' $232.00
F1209 48"x36" 1.2 4' x 3' $243.00
F1212 48"x48" 1.6 4' x 4' $290.00
F1506 60"x24" 1 5' x 2' $232.00
F1508 60"x30" 1.3 5' x 2.5' $249.00
F1509 60"x36" 1.5 5' x 3' $276.00
F1510 60"x42" 1.8 5' x 3.5' $298.00
F1512 60"x48" 2 5' x 4' $329.00
F1515 60"x60" 2.5 5' x 5' $381.00
F1806 72"x24" 1.2 6' x 2' $243.00
F1808 72"x30" 1.5 6' x 2.5' $276.00
F1809 72"x36" 1.8 6' x 3' $309.00
F1810 72"x42" 2.1 6' x 3.5' $344.00
F1812 72"x48" 2.4 6' x 4' $371.00
F1815 72"x 60" 3 6' x 5' $423.00
F1818 72"x 72" 3.6 6' x 6' $453.00