Throw Mats

With current lead times, all orders placed on this product will be delivered after Dec 25, 2019

Throw Mats are made out of heavy duty 18 oz, vinyl that can offer extra cushioning that is ideal for a more protective landing.
Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
As low as CA$232.99

Throw Mats for Martial Arts are designed to offer a firm surface for optimum footing.

  • These throw mats are light enough for one person to easily move them into position.
  • These can be made with polyurethane foam.
  • These mats have handles on two sides.
  • Throw Mats are custom made for each order.
  • These mats can be used for gymnastics, karate, wrestling or any other martial arts training.
  • These mats are available in blue and black color only
  • Sizes: 4' x 4', 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 5' x 10' and 6' x 12 and 7.5' x 12' .


Vinyl Colors:

royal blue black