SuperScrape Entrance Mats

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks
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SuperScrape Entrance Mats prevents dirt from tracking into the building by effectively scraping tough dirt off the soles of the shoes with its molded surface.

  • Constructed out of 100% heavy duty nitrile (upto 20% recycled content) rubber guarantees that this commercial entrance mat does not move around and stays flat under heavy traffic and all types of weather conditions.
  • Molded tread-surface face cleats effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off shoes. 
  • Effectively removes and stores dirt and sand beneath shoe level so it cannot enter the building
  • Certified "slip resistant" by the National Floor Safety Institute, these entrance mats works great by offering greater traction.
  • Superscrape Entrance Mats also provide anti-fatigue benefits and has beveled edges to enhance safety.
  • These mats are durable and perfect for all types of areas like kitchens,lockers,production areas and restaurants.
  • Recommended for both outdoor as a scraper mat and indoors wherever anti-slip resistance is needed.
  • The Super Scrape Entrance Mats contains rectangular-shaped nubs that lay horizontally across the mat, hence these mats have to be laid horizontally.
  • These entrance mats come in black colour and is 3/16” in thickness.
Product Specifications  
Thickness 3/16” 
Material Nitrile Rubber
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Custom Sizes Available No