Stair Steps Mats

With current lead times, all orders placed on this product will be delivered after Dec 25, 2019

These stair mats are great for learning crawling motor skills with arm and leg movements and younger kids as to how to go up and down. For older kids, they also teach depth perception and balance skills development.
Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
As low as CA$214.99

Stair Steps Mats are great for teaching young kids to learn how to go up and down and offer skill building for crawling motor skills with arms and legs movements.

  • Made out of foam, these skills mats teach young kids how to go up and down.
  • These mats offer a great opportunity for older or taller students to learn walk up and down for depth perception and balance skill development.
  • These stair step mats can be easily mixed with other shape mats to create a fun activity area.
  • Kids can learn to climb to difficult places and to walk around to other pieces of equipment. They can be used them with other shapes in obstacle courses or play centers. 
  • These mats feature a dense 70 ILD polyurethane foam with a top layer of 1 1/4" cross-link
  • These fun mats are custom made for each specific order.
  • These mats are great for gyms, daycare, preschools, play centers etc
  • These stair mats offer skill building for crawling motor skills with arm and leg movements.
  • Sizes Available: 24' x 22 x 14", 24' x 32 x 21"

stair mats



PRODUCT CODE      SIZES                         WEIGHT                    
 DS52422    22" x 24" x 14" (DOUBLE)   8 lbs
 TS53224  32" x 24" x 21" (TRIPLE)   11 lbs