More Information
Material Natural Coconut Husk Fibres
Construction Coconut Husk Fibers Embedded into a PVC Backing
Face Fibre Natural Fine Coconut Husk
Backing PVC Vinyl
Application Road Rollers
Total Height 32mm (1 1/4")
Roll Length 10m 33'

Road Roller Mats with Vinyl Backing

These Road Roller Mats, also known as Hydro Mats, are made out of coco coir fibres embedded into a vinyl backing. These mats' durable construction also make these mats relatively easy to cut and install.
Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
As low as CA$139.99

Made out of coir, Road Roller Mats are highly durable as they are derived from the outer husk of coconuts. These road roller mats are easier to install than the woven mats or brushes as they are bonded into a vinyl backing.

Furthermore, vinyl backing on these mats will make it easier to be cut without unraveling.

  • These hydro mats are 1.25" thick with vinyl backing.
  • A sharp knife can be used to fashion installation mounting holes
  • Sizes: 4" X 33', 6" X 33', and 8" X 33'