Snow Melting Heated Mats


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  • Eliminates strenuous shoveling and creating a safe pathway
  • Can support the weight of cars for long-lasting protection of entrances or driveways
  • Fast snow removal by heating up to 7-10 degrees Celsius in just five minutes
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats
Snow Melting Heated Mats

Keeping the pathway up to your home or building can be crucial in creating a safe environment for your family and guests. Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury during the winter and are only made worse by the conditions we face here in Canada.

The snow-melting heated mats are specifically designed to take a beating from the harsh Canadian weather and keep automatically melting snow so that you don’t have to get out a shovel and engage in hours of back-breaking labour. 

Canadian designed to keep your entrances, driveways, walkways, and stairs safe. These rubber heated mats are UV protected, and strong enough to handle the weight of cars.

Build your ideal Snow Melting System today.

Snow Melting Mats require at least 1 GFCI Power unit to plug into your outlet at home. See more in the specifications.

Mats heat up between 7 – 10 degrees Celsius or 44 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit in five minutes!



Heavy item handling surcharge will be applied at checkout for this item.

Mat Type Size Weight Thickness
Door Mat (Heated Flakes/Cube) 24" x 36" Flakes - 20lbs
Cubes - 22lbs
0.51 in. / 13mm
Door Mat (Hot Stars) 24" x 40" 12.8lbs 0.4 in. / 10 mm
Stair Mat (Applicable to all patterns) 11" x 38" 10lbs 0.51 in./13 mm
Walkway Mat (Hot Stars) 36" x 48" 26.45lbs 0.4 in. / 10mm
Walkway Mat XL (Hot Stars) 40" x 59"  36.4lbs 0.4 in. / 10mm
Walkway Mat (Heated Flakes) 32" x 56" 45lbs 0.51 in./13mm
Walkway Mat (Heated Cubes) 36" x 60" 54lbs 0.51 in./13mm
Passageway Mat (Heated Flakes/Hot Stars) 20" x 48" 22lbs 0.40 in. / 10mm

To power on and off a mat you require a GFCI unit which connects your mat
to either a 120V or a 240V electrical outlet. You can connect up to 15 Amps on
a single GFCI. If your connected mats exceed 15 Amps you will have to split up
the mats and add a second GFCI to plug in a separate outlet

The amperage load each mat pulls on the system is:




HF & HB Stair Tread (108 W)

0.9 Amps

0.45 Amps

HF & HB Door /Landing (230 W)

1.9 Amps

0.8 Amps

HF & HB Passage Way (280 W)

2.3 Amps 


HF & HB Walkway/Driveway (350 W)

2.9 Amps

1.45 Amps

HF & HB Walkway/Driveway (410 W)

3.4 Amps 

1.7 Amps

HOTStars Stairs Tread 0.8 Amps 0.4 Amps
HOTStars Door / Landing 2.1 Amps 1.1 Amps
HOTStars Passage Way 2.1 Amps 1.1 Amps
HOTStars Walkway 3.9 Amps 2.0 Amps
HOTStars Driveway 5.3 Amps 2.9 Amps
HOTStars XL Walkway 5.3 Amps 2.9 Amps

How do the mats connect?

Each mat has a male and female connector.

Connect the male connector on one mat to the female connector on another mat, align the groves, push in and screw.
For more layout choices, 20”, 40” and Custom extensions available

Extension : Male-Female, Female-Female, Male-Male

Restocking fee on unused items: 20%

The rubber mat has a two years limited warranty. The warranty becomes null and void if the product has been altered or modified in any way after delivery.

Defective Products: If the rubber mat becomes defective before the end of the two (2) year warranty period, the item will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the warranty policy.

How many power units will I need?


1. Do I leave the mats on all the time?
The mats only need to be left on during the snowfall and/or for a period of time after the snowfall. Mats may be laid out just before first frost conditions and can be left powered on during periods whereby temperatures are below 5 degrees Celsius or its equivalent of 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. How much does it cost to run the mats?
The cost to operate the mats depends on the size of the mat installed. On average, each mat costs approximately $0.15 an hour to operate assuming a mat is left on for 4-6 hours per snow day; the approximate cost per snow day is between $0.60 and $0.90.

3. Can the mats be automatically controlled?
Yes. On/off options include: having an electrician hard wire the connection to the breaker , or thermostats, or simple automatic controllers that can turn your mat on and off depending on snowfall and temperatures. This type of controller regulates the turning on and off of the mat without ever having to unplug it from the outlet and can be hardwired into the circuit by any certified electrician.

4. How many mats can plug into a single outlet?
The number of mats is dependent on the model type applied and can be installed in combination to one another; however, total amperage should NEVER exceed 15 amps.(Ex.per mat 120V model: one can install up to 10 stair mats, or 7 door mats, or 6 passageway mats or 4 walkway mats.)

5. What type of voltage do I need to power the mats?
Both 120v and 240v receptacles are available and may be used, however a 120v MAT CANNOT PLUG INTO A 240v RECEPTACLE and a 240v MAT CANNOT PLUG INTO A 120v RECEPTACLE.

6. How hot does the mat get?
The mat will maintain an average AMBIANT temperature of 7 to 10 degrees Celsius (44 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit) feet you may see them lying on the mats for warmth.

7. How long does it take to melt the snow?
The mats will melt snow at an average of 2 inches per hour.

8. What happens to the water when the snow melts?

As the snow melts, you will notice tears of water which will trace the mat's lifted pattern, using it roll away from the mat and/or eventually evaporate. Depending on the slope of the mat, the water will roll over the edge, and the raised pattern on the mat will continue to give anti-slip feature.

9. How many years will the mats last?
The mats should last 4-6 years if maintained properly. Please see the owner's manual, included with your purchase, for proper maintenance and instruction.

10. Can the mat be secured to the ground?
Our mats are designed with built-in grommet holes, thus making securing them easy and effective.

11. How long is the warranty?
All mat products are backed with a two-year

12. What should I expect to pay for shipping?
Shipping cost is dependent on the size/weight of the mat selected and the destination. 

13. Are custom-sized mats available?
No, the mat sizes are pre-molded and CANNOT be altered at any time. (Doing any alterations would automatically annul/cancel the manufacturer warranty.)

SUGGESTION: When measuring the area to cover, properly outline your application and verify all measurements twice.

14. Are the mats dangerous?
No. A manufacturing inspection and testing facility (TUV Rheinland) undergoes independent testing and inspection at the manufacturing facility in order to maintain certification. This procedure effectively controls manufacturing conditions including unit testing, thus guidelines are in place for quality control. Furthermore, facility triple check the quality of all mats prior to departure thereby automatically rejecting any sub-standard mat before it is shipped to end user.

15. Can the mats be left outside in the summer?
No. At the end of the season we recommend that 
they be hosed off from all the salt or sand left over from winter. Then store them by either laying them flat stacked one on top of another, or on their side with the wire connections facing upward. If you lay them flat, you may take some old newspapers and place them between the mats to absorb the water. The mats came with caps, so you can place the caps back onto the connectors. It is best that you store them indoors out of the sun. If you have a place such as an outdoor shed, that would work as well.


Safety and Convenience Combined
Quality Rubber Material

Embrace winter without worry with our Snow Melting Heated Mats. Made with durable rubber, these mats are a testament to durability and reliability, ensuring clear, safe paths even in the harshest Canadian winters.

The innovative design automatically melts snow, eliminating the need for laborious shoveling and preventing slip-and-fall accidents.

Designed for ultimate
snow-free areas ensuring safe and clear pathways, drastically reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Ensuring Safe and Clear Pathways
Ultimate Snow-Free Areas

UV-protected to withstand intense weather conditions, they confidently bear the weight of vehicles, ensuring optimum functionality year-round.

Choose Snow Melting Heated Mats for a seamless blend of safety and convenience, combined to keep your entrances, driveways, and walkways consistently clear and secure.

✅Residential Entrances
✅Commercial Building Walkways
✅ Emergency Exits

Transform chilly floors into welcoming warmth

Heated Mats

Invest in reliability and safety and let the Snow Melting Heated Mats safeguard your surroundings effortlessly.


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