Natures View Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Natures View Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Natures View Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Natures View Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Natures View Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Natures View Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Natures View Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This luxurious, low maintenance commercial flooring combines the visual beauty of wood with the superior durability of solid vinyl.

Natures View planks are available in 6 designs that range from light to dark wood tones. The planks are composed of three vinyl layers: A vinyl backing layer, a vinyl print film layer, and a tough vinyl top wear layer.

The heavy gauge backing and annealed construction offer excellent dimensional stability and wear resistance, while the tough wear layer ensures superior stain resistance as well as lower maintenance. By offering all the advantages of vinyl and adding the look and texture of natural materials, your choice is Natures View.

 Product Dimensions Standard Data
Size (Plank)
4'' x 36''
Overall Thickness ASTM 2055 0.12''
Wear Layer Thickness EN429 20 mil (0.5mm)
Size & Squareness ASTM 2055 PAsses
Weight per Plank 4'' x 36'' 1.19 lbs
Weight per Carton 30 tiles (30 sq. ft.) 30 lbs
Dimensional Stability ASTM F2199-09 Passes
Flexibility ASTM F137-08 Passes
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D3389 0.284g/5000 cycles
Static Load Limit ASTM F970-09 (modified) 1,400 psi
Sound Insulation DIN 52210 4 dB
Static Coefficient of Friction ASTM D2047 0.61 (Exceeds ADA Standards)
Stain & Chemical Resistance ASTM F925 Passes (Excellent)
Light Resistance ASTM F1515  Passes (Excellent)
Indentation Resistance ASTM F1914 Passes
Flammability Ratings
Radiant Panel Test ASTM E648-06 Class 1
Smoke Density  ASTM E662 Passes (<450 sdi)
Heat Stability ASTM F1514 Passes (Excellent)
HUD/FHA Requirements Exceeds
  • We recommend using a non-rising cleaner that leaves no film and suggest that you vacuum, sweep or dust mop twice per week.

  • High-traffic areas might require more frequent cleaning. Wipe up food and other spills immediately using a cleaner and soft cloth. You should NEVER USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS, POWDERS, OIL CLEANERS, WAXES OR DISH DETERGENT. These will scratch the surface or leave a film.

  • When using a vacuum, if possible turn off the beater and use a hose or wand with an upholstery attachment. Vacuum wheel may also be a source for indenting and scuffing, check the wheels for embedded grit. To remove scuff marks you can use a soft cloth to rub it out. If they difficult to remove try using a product named "Oops Painter Wipes". Rinse the area well afterwards with clean warm water and allow to dry. Please note that these procedures may help remove stains from vinyl floors, but cannot guarantee complete removal.

  • Burns, holes or "permanent" stains may require a replacement "patch of that section of the floor. To remove damaged planks you can use a hair dryer, which heats up the adhesive allowing the plank to be picked up. When the plank is up, use a wide blade putty knife and pull it out, then put the new plank down once the surface has been prepared.

  • You should NEVER USE A HEAT GUN as this emits too much heat and will damage the planks

For more details, check our maintenance guidelines

Download this PDF to learn more about the installation process.

  • Beauty Salons
  • Conference Rooms
  • Corporate Lunchrooms
  • General Office, Hospitals
  • Libraries
  •  Pharmacies
  • Retail/Department Stores
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Supermarkets
The perfect wood grain pattern

Find the exact pattern and wood pattern finish that suits your space. Our vinyl planks are cost effective, great looking, and long lasting.

Customize to your liking

Have a high traffic hallway that needs to look great and stay durable? Easy to install and rearrange, our vinyl planks will do the job perfectly.

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