Dwinguler Playmat - Dinoland - Large


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Dwinguler large size playmat is sized only to fit Dwinguler Castle. Does NOT fit Baby Care FunZone Playpen.

Rich and vibrant colours allow the Dwinguler Playmat Dinoland to visually stimulate, develop and provide a fun (and safe) world of play for your children. Cute little dinosaurs from many years ago on one side of the play mat invite your baby’s curiosity while alphabets and geometric coloured squares on the reverse side provide education along with play.

Colourful, engaging and entertaining, Dwinguler Playmats Dinoland capture your child’s mind and creativity. Dwinguler Playmat Dino Land helps your child learn alphabets and letters, identify objects and animals. Dwinguler play mats come with great features, are off excellent quality when compared to other play mats, extremely durable and not to mention are very good looking!

  • Dwinguler Playmat Dino Land protects children from hard impacts with its superior and patented cushioning.
  • Soft, elastic and slip resistant, Dwinguler Playmat Dinoland reduces falls and bumps.
  • Dinoland Dwinguler Mats are eco-friendly and baby friendly. Tested and proven to be 100% free toxic materials. Free from Latex, Phthalate, Lead and BPA.
  • Offers excellent sound proofing which is ideal for apartments and condos.
  • Dwinguler Play mat Dinoland is waterproof - spillage or crumbs will not spoil the play mat as compared to puzzle mats.
  • Easy to clean keeping your baby healthy and germ and bacteria free. Clean with soapy water / household cleaner.
  • Dinoland Playmat is portable and is easily rolled up for easy use anywhere you need a clean and safe place for kids to play.
  • Product dimensions: 90.5 x 55.1 x 0.6 in
  • Shipping dimensions: 56.3 x 9.8 x 9.8 in; Shipping weight: 28 lb