Deluxe Incline Mat


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Incline Mats are ideal for helping with tumbling while learning back handsprings and back tucks.

  • These incline mats are very versatile.
  • They assist in tumbling with gravity
  • These mats are non-folding. However, you can add an option for folding
  • These mats add an extra kick to your performance and have an added foam padding to add extra protection.
  • Made out of 55 ILD with top layer 1 1/4" cross-link, these deluxe incline mats offer stability and a firm surface for sure-footed landings and perfect balance.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


incline mats

24" x 48" x 14" IWD2448 25 lb
36" x 72" x 16" IWD3672 35 lb
48" x 72" x 16" IWD4872 47 lb
60" x 84" x 16" IWD6084 60 lb

built for performance

Train and perform with the mats to back you up.

Sizes for all gymnasts

Stable and versatile

injury prevention