Premium Snow Melting Thermostat

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$39.99

The premium snow melting mats are a great way to deal with buildup of snow on the path to your doorstep and avoiding shoveling at the same time. These matting systems melt snow on contact to give you a clear path in and out of your home or building. However they do required to be turned on and off manually, which requires you to be present before or during the start of the snowfall.

The Premium Snow Melting thermostat takes care of that problem by automatically turning your system on and based on the temperature outside. Thus providing you with a clear and safe path to your doorstep when you return home.

If you would like the added protection of only turning on your system when there is snow and not just a drop in temperature, please see our Automatic Snow Sensor for Premium Heated Mats.


  • The premium snow melting thermostat weigh 2Lbs each
  • These snow sensors are 6” x 5” x 4” in size
  • Power any chain of heated mats up to an amperage load of 13 amps
  • The thermostat can be plugged directly into the Premium Snow Melting GFCI Units
  • The Thermostat turns on your heated mat system when temperature falls below 4.4° C
  • The thermostat turns off your heated mat system when temperature rises above 5.5° C

The premium Snow Melting Thermostats are compatible with the following products:

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Heated Cubes Walkway MatsHeated Cubes Stair MatsHeated Cubes DoorMats