Polycarbonate Anti-Slip Desk Mat

Made with polycarbonate, these desk mats will not discolor, curl or yellow over time and are heat-resistant and will protect your desk surface from all kinds of scratches, scuffs and spills.
Lead Time: 3-5 Days
As low as CA$34.99
Greenside Corp.

Polycarbonate Desk Mats are great in protecting your desk surfaces from scratches, scuffs, spills and messes of all kinds. These desk pads are made from polycarbonate which offers superior durability and clarity. These desk pads feature an embossed surface that offers maximum mouse performance and an anti-slip backing that keeps the mat in place

  • Designed with polycarbonate, this desk pad will not curl, discolor or yellow over time like other PVC mats.
  • They are 100% recyclable.
  • These desk mats are heat resistant hence they can protect your desk surface from hot coffee cups.
  • They are great for leather or wood desk surfaces.
  • They are made out of polycarbonate which means they are great for allergy sufferers as they have negligible gas emissions.
  • Anti-slip backing keeps the desk mat in place.
  • Embossed surface on the desk pad will allow for mouse to move freely.
  • This desk pad is great for safeguarding your work desk from all kinds of scratches, scuffs and spills.
  • Sizes: 17 x 22, 19" x 24".29" x 59", 35" x 71".