More Information
Material Waterproof & Nontoxic
Face Style Embossed
Application Play Areas
Sizes Available 2.3m (90.5") x 1.40m (55.1")
Total Height 15mm (3/5")
Total Weight 28lb

Dwinguler Rainy Day Playmat - Large

Item is backorderd until December 

Dwinguler Playmats create a shock-absorbent barrier between children and the hard floor. These eco-friendly mats are designed to stimulate young minds and keep infants safe. These mats are reversible, nontoxic and waterproof, making them hygienic and easy to clean.

Lead Time: 3-5 Days

Let your kids have an absolutely awesome time playing in the rain... without even getting wet!

The Dwinguler Rainy Day Playmat and its merry band of umbrella toting animals, a frog with a fishing pole, and even an alligator with a swim tube… is out to have some fun on a rainy day! And they would love to have your baby join in the merry  making. What can be more fun than getting pelted with colorful raindrops from happy little rain clouds.

On the flip side of this playful playmat, are alphabets in fun lettering that makes learning as much fun as playing in the rain!

  • Dwinguler playmats are laboratory tested and have passed the CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards.
  • Dwinguler Rainy Day Playmat is soft, elastic, and slip resistant.
  • Exceptional cushioning from multiple layers of foam combined with a unique embossing pattern, protect kids from tumbles, falls and hard impacts on the ground.
  • Dwinguler Playmats are manufactured with earth and baby friendly material, and are 100% free from any toxic materials.
  • Waterproof, easy to clean and sanitize, Dwinguler Playmats help keep kids healthy from germs, bugs and bacteria.
  • Helps absorb noise and lets children play without the worry of chilly floors.
  • Product dimensions: 90.5 x 55.1 x 0.6 in
  • Shipping dimensions: 56.3 x 9.8 x 9.8 in; Shipping weight: 28 lb