More Information
Material Waterproof & Nontoxic
Face Style Embossed
Application Play Areas
Sizes Available 2.3m (90.5") x 1.40m (55.1")
Total Height 15mm (3/5")
Total Weight 28lb

Dwinguler Hello Europe Playmat - Large

Dwinguler Playmats create a shock-absorbent barrier between children and the hard floor. These eco-friendly mats are designed to stimulate young minds and keep infants safe. These mats are reversible, nontoxic and waterproof, making them hygienic and easy to clean.
Lead Time: 3-5 Days

Let's take a fun trip to Europe.. at a fraction of the cost! Go on a tour of the Eiffel Tower, Thames, take bus rides through London to the Alps, gondola rides in Italy, Santa in North Pole and much more - on the comfort of the Dwinguler Hello Europe Playmat. The fun does not stop with the star attractions, the reverse side features a lovely meadow teaming with puppies, bunnies, ducklings, lambs, and butterflies among other cute creatures. Have your kids spend happy afternoons learning about babies from the animal world. 

Soft and cushioned, Dwinguler Hello Europe Playmat creates a safe and comfortable space for children to play on. The play mat is shock absorbent and protects children against the impact of falls, tumbles, and rough playing. Use Dwinguler play mats anywhere - in the house or outdoors - they are surprisingly fuss-free to use. When not in use, the play mat can be conveniently folded to be stored or carried around.

  • Dwinguler Playmats are of high quality and durable, and tested for safety according to US and European Safety Standards.
  • Play mats are free from harmful chemicals and are safe for children and are eco-friendly.  
  • Slip-free surface and shock-absorbent construction protect children. The surface reduces falls and tumbles and when they do fall, the padded construction cushions tender knees, heads and wrists against serious injury.
  • As these play mats are made out of eco-friendly materials they do not give off a bad odour.
  • Shock-absorbent, the Dwinguler Playmats reduce noise, keeping the atmosphere comfortably low-noise.
  • Waterproof, these play mat clean up very easily—a simple wipe with soap and water and spills are just a memory. This also helps prevent bacteria, worms and ticks from living in the mats. Great for your kiddie’s health.