Photo Mats (Please note this product has been discontinued)

Photo Mats from Canada Mats are perfect for light to medium traffic areas and create quality images in amazing detail and are constructed out of durable nitrile rubber backing.

The floor is an untapped and uncluttered branding space, virtually teaming with possibilities. Use this practically untouched branding space to give your marketing strategy that extra push! Custom floor mats are excellent sales and marketing tools. They provide you with an opportunity to advertise your brand, your products and services and yet stick out in the minds of the customer. 

Ideal for light to medium traffic areas, the PhotoMats are ideal for use further indoors in the facility. These are a cost effective solution for point of purchase programs, displays, events, trade shows and other short promotional use. These PhotoMats are perfect for showcasing your brand with vivid and photo-realistic images, sure to grab some eye-balls, and yet keep the cost down. 

PhotoMats are printed using a four-color dye-sublimation process and then heat-transferred onto the mat, creating photo quality images giving you clarity and amazing detail. 


  • PhotoMats contain a natural foam rubber substrate material, similar to neoprene used in wet suits.
  • Mats are made with a durable nitrile rubber backing.
  • Four-color printing process allows for unlimited color options, producing photo quality images.
  • Email us for more information 
  • Lead time is 3-4 Weeks after art approval.