Oh No Not You Again - French Natural Doormat

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$34.99

Oh No! Not YOU again!! Time to stop being Mr. or Ms. Nice. Yes, we are talking about rolling out the unwelcome mat for a change!

With so many requests, our popular Oh No Not You again doormat is now available in French

Get the message across to those pesky guests who just do not seem to get the idea! You've tried sarcasm... you've tried being downright rude... you've even tried closing the front door on them a few times! But to no avail...

Now try this funny (or rude... it's all in the viewpoint) doormat to tell repeat offenders to bugger off (it's all about being polite!) with a Oh No! Not You Again statement! Do not worry - this doormat is going to a delight to your loved ones but is sure to make trespassers think twice. And, if English is not their strong point then try the french version just to be on the safer side!

  • Made from premium thick coir fibres, these mats are 1.5"" thick and available in a size 18" x 30"
  • Unique construction of coir makes these doormats excellent dirt scrapers. They scrape off and trap dirt and debris keeping it out off your house (not to mention all the peskiness!)
  • These coco doormats are long lasting and very easy to maintain, only requiring a simple dust off or vacuuming at most times. Unwelcome was never this easy!
  • Densely hand woven and stencil printed with a specially formulated biodegradable spray dye that makes these mats highly eco-friendly and the colors will not fade over time. Absolutely perfect to save you from the un-friendlies for a long long time
  • Stain, rot and mildew resistant making it a very hygienic product.