Octagon Skills Mat

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Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
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Octagon Skills Shape Mats are ideal for teaching tumbling skills to adolescents which is fundamental for their progress and for honing their developmental skills.

  • These shape mats are perfect for teaching tumbling skills and developing crucial skills 
  • These shape mats can be used for creating a fun activity area or an obstacle course.
  • They are ideal for developing increased variety of motions like dive rolls, hand springs, and walkovers while building confidence and motion.
  • These units clip together to form rows or pyramids
  • These mats are custom made for each specific order.
  • Available in 4 sizes 
  • These shape mats are very durable as they are made with heavy-duty 18oz. vinyl covers and filled with dense 55 ILD polyurethane foam to offer support. 
      PRODUCT                    CODE                                     SIZE  SUGGESTED AGE/HEIGHT WEIGHT 
OC51524                 15" x 24"                 Under 3 years old 10 lbs
OC52028 20" x 28" 3-5 years old 15 lbs
OC52436 24" x 36" 5-8 years old 23 lbs
OC53036 30" x 36" Under 50" in height 28 lbs