Multi-Flex Salon Mats

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$100.99
Rhino Mats

Multi-flex Salon Mats offer a dual combination of multi-flex sponge base with a performance rated polymeric top surface that offers the simplest and most effective way to  reduce stress and fatigue associated with long term standing.

  • With an engineered durable polymeric top surface,multi-flex salon mats offer high resistance to punctures from cuts, tears, heels and cart traffic.
  • Multi-flex sponge base allows exceptional senstivity and at  the same time remains soft and pliant. 
  • Featuring a  super resilient polymeric sponge base with staggered air channels, multi-flex salon mats create a unique fluid-like multi-density surface. This in turn encourage subtle weight shift and movement of leg and calf muscles which promotes blood flow that helps in improving blood circulation and reducing fatigue.
  • Good blood circulation is the cornerstone of a healthy life. muscle tone and blood circulation reduce the risk of developing varicose veins or increasing the severity of an existing condition.
  • These salon mats are backed with a 3 year conditional warranty that insures against cracking or fracturing.
  • These  mats have a thickness of 7/8", double the thickness of ordinary mats.
  • They are available in black color only.
  • Custom sizes and configurations are available. Just email us at or call us at 1-800-624-0041 to get quotes.
                Style                                          Size                                              Weight 7/8"                         
Shampoo Mat  2' x 3'  12 lb
Semi Circle   3' x 4'  21 lb
Rectangle  3' x 4'  20 lb
Semi- circle  3' x 5' 25 lb
Rectangle  3' x 5'  26 lb
Semi Circle  4' x 5' 30 lb
Rectangle 4' x 5' 31 lb
Semi Circle  5' x 5' 36 lb
Rectangle 5' x 5' 37 lb
Custom Sizes                        Price                                    Weight 7/8"
 3' x  7/8" Linear Ft. 65.79 per ln.ft         4.4 lb per ln.ft          
4' x  7/8"  Linear Ft.
81.19 per ln.ft        5.5 lb per ln.ft
5' x  7/8"  Linear Ft. 101.59 per ln ft.         7.5 lb per ln.ft