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Construction Needlepunch
Face Style Chevron
Face Fibre 85% Polypropylene, 15% PET
Backing PVC Plastisol with 20% Recycled Tire Content
Edging Yes
Application Commercial
Total Weight 0.80 lbs./sq. ft.

Herringbone Matting

Lead Time: 3-5 Days
As low as CA$0.00

With an attractive V pattern, the Herringbone Matting will add a dynamic look to any facility entrance and lends itself as an excellent wiper/scraper mat - keeping your office building dirt and moisture free and providing floor and carpet protection.

  • Herringbone Mats are eco-friendly - made from 32% recycled content and can be recycled end of product life.
  • Sold as individual mats or in rolls of 3', 4' and 6' widths X 60' length.
  • Herringbone is available in 5 colors.

 Herringbone Matting Color Swatch

Harringbone Swatch Colours

Custom Cut Sizes are available in 3 ft., 4 ft., 6ft. widths


Herringbone 3 ft Available in 5 Colours $16.22/LNFT
Herringbone 4 ft Available in 5 Colours $21.62/LNFT
Herringbone 6 ft Available in 5 Colours $32.44/LNFT