More Information
Material Customized Thermoplastic
Application Residential
Sizes Available 10" x 30"
Total Weight 4 lbs

Heated Stair Mats - Residential


Please note that we are discontinuing the Heattrak Product line going forward. Heattrak will be replaced with the Heated Cubes and the Heated Flakes snow melting systems that offer the below features:

Limited quantity of Heattrak Mats are available until they are marked out of stock.

To prevent snow and ice accumulation on stairs around your home use Heattrak Snow Melting or Heated Stair Mats. They can be used independently or interconnected with one another to create a continuous system of snow melting mats. These stair mats do require a control unit with them. Without a control unit, these stair mats will not work. These ice melting stairway mats are great for preventing slipping and falling and to keep your stairs clean from snow 24 hours a day.

  • Upto 5 Heattrak Residential Heated Walkway Mats or 18 Residential Heated Stairway Mats or a combination of 13 amps can be connected together on a single control unit which is required for the mats to work. They are designed with watertight connector cables so that multiple stair and walkway mats can be connected together. (Note: Heated Doormats are designed to be stand-alone mats and do not connect to other mats. But like Christmas lights, these heated mats can only be daisy-chained up to a certain length. This length depends on how many stair and walkway mats you are connecting together. The best way to determine how many mats can be connected is by adding up the total amps of each mat. The total amount of amps that can be connected together on one Power Unit is 13 amps. So for example, if you connect 3 walkway mats (2.5A each) with 5 stair mats (0.7A each) you only have 11 amps, so you’re ok. Similarly, if you connect 18 stair mats you will have a total of 12.7 amps, so you’re also ok. If the mats you are connecting will exceed 13 amps then disconnect some of the mats and put them on a different Power Unit. Remember, no more than 13 amps per Power Unit.
  • For other questions about Residential Mats, like how many power outlets you need, or how may mats you need or how to connect your mats, look at Information about Heated Walkway and Stair Mats 
  • In order to turn these heated mats, you would need to go outside. To automatically turn on these mats from the inside of your house, you can use the wireless remote for heated mats. Another alternative is to have a 10 inch thermostat extension cable which will automatically turn on your heated mats when the temperature drops below 35F and will be plugged into a power unit from an electric outlet.
  • These residential heated mats are backed with a 2 year limited warranty
  • Each Heated Stair Mat comes with its own watertight connector cables which you can use to connect the mats to other residential mats or to a control unit. You can connect up to 18 stair mats (up to 13 amps) on a single control unit. Made of customized thermoplastic materials, the mats are portable and can be left outside for the entire winter season. Heattrak residential heated stair mats will generate enough heat to melt snow at a rate of 2" per hour leaving your pathway to the home clean and clear 24/7.


control unitControl Unit
Required for Stairway mats.
Connect up to 18 Stairmats on one
Control Unit. 120 volts
Comes with 6' of cord.
control unit

Watertight Cable Extender 25 Feet
120 Volts

Control Unit:

Every Residential Heated Walkway Mat requires a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Control Unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet (which will have to bought seperately). Up to 13 amps can be connected on a single Power Unit. If your connected heated mats exceed 13 amps, then you will have to split up the mats and add a second Power Unit to plug into a separate outlet. The control unit contains a watertight connector that will allow it to connect to the first or last stair mat in your system. The control unit is rainproof, so it can be left outside for the entire winter season.  Control Unit contains a 6 foot cord and inline Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 

Note: If you do not buy a Control Unityour mat will not work. Additionally, if you are ordering Heated Mats for more than one location (ie - front of the house and back of the house) you must order a control unit for each location

25-Foot Watertight Cable Extender:

There may be times when the electrical outlet on your house or facility is further than 6' from the heated mats. In this case you will need to use an outdoor rated cable extender. This 25-Foot Watertight Cable Extender will provide an additional level of protection against water and moisture than other outdoor rated extension cords. This watertight cable extender was designed with the HeatTrak Stair Mats in mind and will only work with HeatTrak products. To ensure a watertight seal, the cable extender has the same patented connectors as the heated walkway and stair mats.Multiple cable extenders can be connected together to create custom length cables. The 25-Foot Cable Extender and 20-Inch Cable Extender can also be connected together.

Cable Gauge: 14/3 SJTW