Go Away Synonyms Natural Doormat

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$34.99

Annoying soon-to-be non-friends, pesky salesmen or whoever and whatever falls into your realm of 'not welcome' can now be put in place with this very strict coco doormat! If these annoying people do not understand 'Go Away', not to worry -  there is nothing polite about this doormat. Being very considerate to you (and perhaps a tad bit superior to others) the 'Go Away Synonyms' Coco Doormat will yell - 'Go Away' differently in various ways and words! 

And for the people who you do not hate (your dear friends and family) - this doormat is sure to be a surprising and unique way to say "Oh Hello, Come on in!" Everyone will thank you for bring laughter into their lives!

  • The Go Away Synonyms premium coco doormat is made from 100% natural coir sustainably derived from coconut husks
  • Made to be durable, these coco mats will weather the elements and last you a long time
  • These beautifully designed hand-woven coco doormats will enhance any entryway or patio,
  • These doormats are easy to clean and maintain by either shaking them or hosing them down.
  • The Go Away Synonyms are stencil printed with bio-degredable dyes and are fade resistant
  • Excellant dirt trapper, the Go Away Synonym doormat will not only keep peskiness away but are exceptional at keeping dirt out of the house. Unique construction of coir scrape away dirt and debris from under shoes.
  • Doormats are available in 18" x 30" size only, weighs 8 lbs and is 1" thick