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Material Vinyl
Face Style Smooth
Edging Raised "Snap-On" Plastic Edging
Application Residential Garages

Heavy Duty Park Smart Garage Parking Containment Mats

Park Smart Containment Mats are made of a durable vinyl with raised "snap-on" edges to catch slush, grime and mud from vehicles and keep garage floors clean. These durable garage mats can withstand harsh temperatures and are resistant to oils, grease and anti-freeze.
Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
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Attention: This item cannot be shipped to remote areas such as: Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

Keep your garage floor clean and looking sharp with the Heavy Duty Park Smart Garage Mats. These garage containment mats, as the name suggests, help contain nasty liquid spills, ghastly engine drips as well as dirt, debris and other mess on its rugged vinyl surface and off your parking spot. Thus, these parking mats also eliminates the problem of dirt and mud from tracking inside, the home keeping it clean.

  • Made out of heavy duty 50-mil vinyl and with a 1" raised edging, the Park Smart mats help contain gallons of liquid on the mat, preventing oil and liquid from spreading onto the garage floor.
  • These containment mats keeps your home and garages safe and clean by ensuring dry walk areas, preventing dirt from tracking indoors. 
  • With its specially engineered snap-on edges, parking pads are durable as well as fast and easy to install without tools. 
  • All sizes of Park Smart Clean Park comes complete with 24 in. long snap-on side pieces and 18 in. long Snap-On end pieces which are very easy to install.
  • These garage containment mats are 0.05" thick, hence they are 2.5 times thicker than the Original Park Smart Garage Containment Mats.
  • These parking mats feature a 1 year warranty.
  • These parking mats are water-proof, can withstand harsh temperatures, can work well below zero degree Fahrenheit.
  • These garage containment mats are designed for inside so they are not UV treated.
  • Resistant to anti-freeze, oil and grease. However, they are not resistant to solvents, chemicals and cleaning detergents.
  • These garage mats can be easily cleaned with a wet dry vacuum, squeegee or a hose.
  • Park Smart mats are available in one color - Grey
  • Sizes:  3' x 4' Oil Drip Mat, 4.5' x 9' Motorcycle/Golf Cart Garage Mats. 7' x 14', 7' x 16', 7' x 18', 7' x 20', and  7' x 22'

 Installation Instructions 

  • Attach long V-Shaped pieces to left and right sides. Start at the edge closest to the street. See figure 1.
  • On the end farthest away from the street, cut down vinyl sheet so it protrudes 1½” inches beyond the last long V-Shaped side piece. See figure 2.
  • On the side farthest away from the street, attach the short V-Shaped pieces. See figure 3.
  • Next, lay the flat parts with the mushroom shaped profile on the floor, under the edge of the vinyl sheeting, closest to the street. See figure 4.
  • Each kit has two ramp sections with a rounded corner. These ramp sections snap on top of vinyl sheet, with the rounded corner next to the long V-Shaped side pieces. See figures 5 & 6. First, snap down the ramp sections with the rounded corners, on the left and right sides of the Garage Mat. The ramp sections snap over the over vinyl sheeting, onto the flat parts with the mushroom shaped profile. See figure 7. Next, start at the left side, and snap down the remaining top ramp sections.

 park smart parking mats

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  • Discolouration of the vinyl sheeting may occur over time and does not affect the integrity of  the material. Tire imprints due to the weight of your vehicle on the vinyl sheeting may occur and will not affect your Clean Park®.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Remove one or more of the end pieces closest to the garage door. Be careful not to puncture or cut the vinyl sheeting with the edge of the top piece as you pull it off. 
  • Sweep the mat with a soft bristle broom. Hose off, Use a soft bristle broom to push water towards the open area, off of the mat. Only a mild dish soap may be used on the Park Smart. Do Not Use Solvents, Harsh Chemicals, Abrasive Cleaners or Bleach.