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Material 100% Polyvinyl
Construction One Piece
Face Style Ceramic, Smooth, or Wood Grain Patterns
Face Fibre Printed Polyvinyl
Total Height 2mm (75MIL) - 2.2mm (85MIL)

G-Floor Graphic Printable Flooring

These Premium G-Floors are printable flooring made of polyvinyl and is available with or without adhesives. This durable flooring is available with several different surfaces and can be used for trade shows, retail stores, bars, restaurants, & residential applications.
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As low as CA$1,100.00

A premium printable flooring option, the G Floor printable floors combine superior durability and exceptional printing to create a long lasting and versatile floor that is perfect for trade shows, retail stores, bars, restaurants, and even residential applications.

Printable vinyl floors have long been used as an effective way to protect floors while adding unique high quality design to promote products/services or just create a unique aesthetic that would be otherwise unachievable through conventional flooring options.

Our competitors have traditionally used a thin top layer of vinyl combined with many layers of fillers (cardboard, foams, and fiberboards) to protect the print. G Floor uses a single, solid layer of impervious extruded polyvinyl. This polyvinyl is extruded from raw vinyl materials into a thick, solid sheet of clear protective flooring. The image is then etched into a protected layer that is encased in the polyvinyl blend. As a result, rather than layers of fillers, you get a single piece of material that features the graphic encased in protective coating.

Since the image in G Floor Printable Floors is embedded in this polyvinyl wear layer, it is impossible to damage, tear, rip, distort, stain, or break. The material is impervious to normal wear and tear and will last the test of time.


  • The G Floor Printable flooring features the Thickest Wear-Layer in the World creating a long lasting and durable product.
  • Extruded Polyvinyl construction creates a large printed floor without any seams.
  • The 100% pure polyvinyl wear-layer is highly resistant to damage, tears, rips, distortion, stains, or breaking.
  • Available in single seamless pieces of up to 10’ wide and 61’ wide.
  • Available in 75mil or 85mil thicknesses.
  • Available with Ceramic, Super Smooth, or Wood Grain Top layer patters
  • Available with High Gloss, Semi Gloss, or Matte top coat
  • Production lead time for the G Floor Printable flooring is 2-3 weeks.
  • G Floor carries a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty against damage.
  • These custom printed floors can be used with or without adhesives.
  • The Printable floors are also durable enough to handle light vehicle traffic.
  • Please contact us regarding custom sizes.