More Information
Material Vinyl Coated Polyester
Construction One Piece with Heat Sealed Seams
Face Style Smooth
Face Fibre 100% Vinyl
Backing Tatami Grain Patterned Polyester
Edging Vinyl Coated Ethofoam (Closed Cell Foam)
Application Residential
Total Height 30mm (1.18") at the Edges
Total Weight 31 lbs & 38 lbs

Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats

Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats feature an anti-skid vinyl surface combined with a tatami grain patterned backing and a raised foam edging. These waterproof mats protect garage floors from fallen debris and grease from parked vehicles.

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Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats create a protective barrier between garage flooring and parked cars. With a raised, waterproof foam edging, these mats trap mud, dirt, snow, salt, oil and chemicals dropped from parked vehicles. By collecting debris, these mats reduce slipping hazards and extend the lifespan of underneath flooring by keeping surrounding areas clean. These durable mats are perfect for use underneath cars and trucks in residential garages.

Why Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats?

Constructed with a vinyl coated nylon, Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats have a smooth surface, tatami patterned backing and raised edge that’s anti-skid and waterproof. Their one piece construction and heat sealed seams make these mats highly durable, allowing them to withstand harsh weathers between -40°C and 40°C.

Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats are flexible, making them easy to install in most areas, and easy to store when not used. Although the mats’ surface is smooth, minimal wrinkling my occur

Also, these mats’ raised foam edging keeps trapped liquids and debris contained in the mats until it’s cleaned. Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats can be easily cleaned by removing the mat and hosing it down. Once it’s dry it can be placed back in the garage to be used again. 

Tatami Grain Patterned Backing

The underside of Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats features a tatami grain pattern for increased traction. This patterned backing prevents these mats from lifting and allows them to retain their shape over extended periods of time. Also, the tatami grain patterned backing produces a smoother, less wrinkled surface than smooth backed Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats.


  • ▸ Residential Garages

Features & Benefits

  • ▸ These mats are available in two sizes, one for cars and the other for trucks
  • ▸ The car sized mat can hold up to 235 litres of liquid and the truck sized mat can hold up to 265 litres of liquid
  • ▸ The durable 27 oz. vinyl surface is UV stabilized and anti-skid
  • ▸ The raised ethofoam edging is made from a waterproof foam which keeps liquid and dirt contained within the mat
  • ▸ Heat sealed seams make Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats extremely durable and easy to clean
  • ▸ For a smooth backed containment mat, see our Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats here
  • ▸ Available in a concrete grey colour
  • ▸ These mats are able to withstand temperatures between -40°C and 40°C