Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tile - Interlocking

Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tile from Canada Mats is a great solution for all your sports flooring needs. Constructed out of premium 100% recycled rubber, these sports floor tiles are ideal for both outdoors and indoor use for all fitness solutions. Its non-slip surface is long lasting as well as easy to clean and maintain.
Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
As low as CA$29.99
RB Rubber
  • Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tile are speckled athletic matting
  • Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tile is the answer to your all purpose and fitness flooring needs. The non-slip surface is easy to clean and maintain, and will be your flooring solution for many years to come.
  • Installation is as easy as aligning the tabs and pressing together with your fingers or using a rubber mallet. The unique tab design allows for a square or brick installation pattern. Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tile can also be disassembled and re-assembled time and again without damaging the tiles.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tile is available solid black, standard colors or a variety of custom colors.
  • Factory Cut Edges: to assure a uniform and simple installation.
  • Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Manufactured of 100% Premium Recycled Rubber.
  • Provides Excellent Traction even when wet!
  • Easily Cleaned: Indoor cleaning involves a broom, damp sponge mop or vacuum cleaner. For outdoor uses, a water hose, leaf blower or broom is sufficient.
  • Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tiles are available in 7 popular colors:
  • For more on installing these interlocking mats, see Eco Friendly Rubber Sport Tile Installation Instructions
  • Each tile is 5/16" or 8mm thick, 28.5" x 28.5" in size and weights 9.6lb
  • For Edges and corners, the interlocking part can be cut off to make a straight edge.


Galaxy Sports Runner - 90 Black/Red   Galaxy Sports Runner - 99 Black/Green   Galaxy Sports Runner - 96 Black/Grey   Galaxy Sports Runner - 98 Black/Blue
90 Black/Red   99 Black/Green   96 Black/Grey   98 Black/Blue
Galaxy Sports Runner - 80 Sky Light   Galaxy Sports Runner - 97 Black/Yellow   Galaxy Sports Runner - 07 Earthtone   Other highlight colours available
80 Sky Light   97 Black/Yellow   07 Earthtone