***DISCONTINUED** Tritan Ultra-Dome Anti Fatigue Mat - Modular

Rhino Mats
  • Ultra-Dome Anti-fatigue mats´ blend of hollow dome surface with Milti-Nib back provides a resilient, active surface creating the most umparalled comfort you have ever experienced with a molded rubber mat.
  • Non-directional domed top surface provides excellent traction and a safer work place with high visibility yellow, bevelled borders.
  • Ultra-Dome mats are manufactured in 4 versions with individual components that lock together to create mats of virtually any size. Will not pull apart when in use but easily be unlocked as needed.
  • Grease-resistant rubber stands up to machine tool cutting fluids and similar liquids found in industrial and commercial situations.

Ultra-Dome Modular Anti-Fatigue Mats

Rolls 3/4" Thick and Cut Lengths
Stock # Desc. Size Wt. Ea.
UD33S Solid Mat 36" x 36" 17.0 lbs. ea.
UD33D Drain-thru Mat 36" x 36" 16.0 lbs. ea.
UD3B Bevel Strip 36" 2.0 lbs. ea.
UD18C Corner Piece 18" x 18" 2.0 lbs. ea.

Color: Solid Black. Black or Yellow bevels

3/4" Thick. For Mats with yellow bevel, add "Y" to Stock Number